Customers' Feedback ( 19 valued customers in Ireland)

by K.T Male / Ireland June 23, 2017
Excellent packaging as all my books were securely packed and will continue to use you guys :)
by J Male / Ireland June 11, 2017
Been coming back here for years I'm always delighted by how quick and professional their services are. Would highly recommend them to anyone!
by K.T Male / Ireland June 10, 2017
As always magnificent packaging and awesome delivery time
by K.T Male / Ireland May 12, 2017
As always excellent service and delivery is very smooth and fast which is fantastic which I love.
by K.T Male / Ireland April 22, 2017
Package arrived quickly and protectively as it is wraps by bubble mail and within it double bubble wrap which is sealed tightly by tape shipping was very fast to my surprise which is very good and makes me happy about it and as always thanks for providing us with this excellent service and I would always come back to purchase more from you guys since you are the best :D also thanks for the awesome gift
by K.T Male / Ireland April 15, 2017
As usual packed excellent as always and craftily always love to buy from you guys keep it up.
by K.T Male / Ireland March 27, 2017
Excellent service as always all my items arrived tightly packed and no damage were seen
by K.T Male / Ireland Feb. 18, 2017
Excellent service as always and items were packed great as usual
by K.T Male / Ireland Feb. 11, 2017
Auctioned items were packaged safe and sound and were in great quality. As always use this service is the best of the best
by K.T Male / Ireland Jan. 25, 2017
As always you guys are the best for purchasing doujins from and always fast and reliable and nothing can go wrong Also packaging is packed really well so well it came in a perfect condition. A beautiful job by beautiful people.
by K.T Male / Ireland Jan. 13, 2017
Always 100% satisfied and always 100% customer services from you guys. Come people join DR and do not fret these guys wont let you down :)
by K.T Male / Ireland Nov. 8, 2016
Beautiful Service as always Love to purchase from you as you guys are friendly and helpful to all and packaging is on top notch also thanks for the gift I will put it in good use :D
by K.T Male / Ireland Oct. 8, 2016
well well well what can I say since i said almost everything i could about this beautiful service and this is mine 9th purchase packaging came nice and neat and easy to open as always and thanks for the lovely cute gift XD i love it!!
by K.T Male / Ireland Sept. 7, 2016
Lovely service as always seriously cant go wrong with this this review is for my 2nd part of delivery for my order 7.5/8.5 really love the packaging they give and shipping as well :D
by K.T Male / Ireland Aug. 27, 2016
This is for my 2.5/6/7/8 purchase on this site. Awesome packaging shipment and quick responses as always
by K.T Male / Ireland Aug. 11, 2016
5th purchase from doujin republic and as always nothing went wrong and everything is good as usual packaging is nice as always This site is highly recommended if you looking for any kind of doujin and customer service is really nice
by K.T Male / Ireland Aug. 5, 2016
My 3/4 purchased bundled together into a box and got shipped in perfect condition and the package arrived safely which is good As always top of the line packaging which you can't complain about goodjob doujinrepublic staffs. Shipping is only getting faster which is excellent and you could always expect me to come back to you guys :D
by K.T Male / Ireland Aug. 3, 2016
Second time I ordered from you guys and as expected quality service as always you guys are the best out there
by K.T Male / Ireland July 16, 2016
First time buying from and this site and all I can say is excellent service and quality Packaging is perfect everything was sealed inside and it was just.. I'm speechless in a good way :D Shipping itself was quite quick and fast to arrive which impress me as well and thanks you for it :) Lovely staff helping you look for the doujin I would rate this site and my experience with this 100/100 STAR!!! I would definitely buy from this site again soon Love the mail that came along with it