Customers' Feedback ( 426 valued customers in United States)

by E.D Male / United States Aug. 18, 2017
I think what I was happiest most about was the level of cooperation between the customer and seller. My questions and concerns were answered quickly and I got my items safely in reasonable time frame. So as usually fully recommend the site!
by K.M Female / United States Aug. 18, 2017
I love how it came packed with cardboard to help prevent bending!
by J.B Male / United States Aug. 18, 2017
Love your selection of doujinshi great prices too. Shipped fast and came in grear condition too. Also thank you very much for the bonus of book protectors!
by J Male / United States Aug. 17, 2017
I am satisfied with my purchase and condition of items. I will shop again.
by C.K Male / United States Aug. 17, 2017
Nice packaging.
by A / United States Aug. 10, 2017
Great! Get this if you're a Kanzaki Hiro fan. Arrived in excellent condition.
by Z.S / United States Aug. 10, 2017
First time purchase, very impressed! Book came in excellent condition despite being used. Very happy to see that!
by J.C / United States Aug. 10, 2017
Everything arrived on time and in excellent condition.
by J.J Male / United States Aug. 8, 2017
Quick and easy emails update the status of your order and give you tracking. Superb packaging and a great customer service letter to ensure everything went well.
by E.D Male / United States Aug. 1, 2017
Exception packaging and delivery. The product was in phenomenal condition and the amount of care you put into the packaging was outstanding. I even got a free gift included which I thought was a particularly fantastic gesture.
by K.G Female / United States July 30, 2017
by E.P Female / United States July 30, 2017
Item came in really good condition for something that was published over a decade ago. I was very pleased!
by S.N Male / United States July 30, 2017
by D Male / United States July 28, 2017
Very good service
by M / United States July 27, 2017
Great Shop. Great item, received it quick and easy.
by T / United States July 24, 2017
Fast delivery. Made it on time and was in great condition.
by A.K Male / United States July 22, 2017
Always great
by C.L Male / United States July 22, 2017
by L.P / United States July 21, 2017
by C Female / United States July 21, 2017
Always a great service! Everything arrived perfectly. Thank you for your careful packing and care!
by E.R Male / United States July 20, 2017
Awesome. It came in earlier than expected. It was packed up to the tee. No damage what so ever and the first time thank you note was very appreciated.
by E Male / United States July 19, 2017
Yeah the service has been great as usual. Product is as secure as it needs to be with no issues whatsoever so I'm definitely satisfied. I'd recommend this place particularly if you want to be guaranteed on the safety of your product!
by M Male / United States July 17, 2017
Incredibly well packaged and arrived very quickly! Some of the best service I have ever received when buying doujinshi.
by J Male / United States July 15, 2017
Doujin Republic's services are top class! I received my package quickly and in great condition.
by S Female / United States July 14, 2017
Thank you so much for the doujin sleeves! I get a lot of my doujins from a courtier that packages them in big envelopes and that's what I've been keeping them in to maintain their covers so this was a really nice and thoughtful gift!
by N Male / United States July 14, 2017
I received my package most faster than anticipated and I was impressed with the packaging. I would definitely consider making another purchase through your website.
by L Female / United States July 12, 2017
Got my CD and it's in like new condition
by A.R / United States July 10, 2017
Better than expected. Received sooner than I expected and the product was in much better condition than I thought it would bee for something this old. Also got some free plastic sleeves which was a pleasant surpise.
by E.P Male / United States July 9, 2017
Shipping was much quicker than expected and the packaging was superb very secure! Very pleasant experience I hope to buy from here again!
by E.P Female / United States July 8, 2017
The company was quick to respond to my concerns and address them! The requested items came well-packaged. I'm very happy with the purchase.
by M.P Male / United States July 6, 2017
Doujin Republic offers a wide selection of doujinshi. By far the most appealing feature for me was the option to request that a product be restocked. These requests may not always worked out in the end but I still very much appreciated the effort as well as the prompt response time in which my requests were handled.
by E.F Male / United States July 4, 2017
My book arrived faster than I was expected and the packaging did a fantastic job of protecting it. I look forward to shopping here again.
by D.M Female / United States July 1, 2017
by D.L Male / United States June 30, 2017
The book request service was extremely fast! I was not expecting Doujin Republic to find an old discontinued book so quickly but I am happy that they did! The shipping was very fast and came in a week just as like the notice that was sent to me. The book cover that came with the book was an amazing gift! It fit the size of the book almost perfectly! Thank you!
by D.M Female / United States June 28, 2017
by R.H Male / United States June 28, 2017
My experience with Doujin Republic was fantastic. They were able to acquire a book I was looking for awhile. Everything arrived quickly and nicely packaged.
by M.Y / United States June 28, 2017
Amazing. The order arrived sooner than expected, and was in mint condition! It even came with some cover protectors which was a plus!
by S.G Male / United States June 27, 2017
Item shipped in a timely fashion and arrived with no noticeable markings or damage.
by A Male / United States June 21, 2017
Thoroughly pleased. The shipping description read that the order would arrive in 2-4 weeks. I think it arrived in just under a week.
by J.G Other / United States June 19, 2017
The wide selection and attention to detail in packaging is among the best of any doujinshi sellers I have bought from both times I've placed an order! I'm super impressed! :3
by B.R Male / United States June 15, 2017
Great overall no complaints quick delivery with no complications
by O Male / United States June 13, 2017
i really appreciate the protectors you guys gifted! thank you for your service i'll definitely be purchasing from you guys again!
by L.K Male / United States June 13, 2017
Have ordered multiple times from you each one is delivered quickly and items wrapped neatly. Hands down the best import service with doujinshi I have ever used.
by A.P Male / United States June 10, 2017
Amazing service! Great packaging and fast delivery.
by J Female / United States June 9, 2017
I love Shingo Iwakiri. He has made shopping in Japan very easy for me and all of my friends are jealous of my collection. I have come to trust the packaging done by doujin republic which is very important to me and probably every collector of unique art and anime. The service that Doujin Republic has provided to me is uniquely sensible. Its simple fee structure and payment options work well for me. I get the impression that my order is cared about and that is priceless.
by M.S Male / United States June 7, 2017
Packaging exceeds expectations! Maybe the second layer of bubble wrap is excessive but I particularly appreciate the thick cardboard included that really helps. Also I appreciate the book wrap gift.
by I Male / United States June 6, 2017
WONDERFUL! I got my item in AMAZING condition. The item was rare and sold out everywhere else so I am VERY grateful!
by A.M Female / United States June 3, 2017
Lovely customer service! I bought a polystone figure here polystone items almost always break in the shipping process because they're so fragile- however mine DIDN'T break because the item was so perfectly packaged. I'm super happy and will likely buy from here again. <3
by J.B Male / United States June 2, 2017
excellent service the items i ordered were delivered quick and had no damages. Thank You !!!
by B.I Male / United States June 1, 2017
Grade A service. My order came in earlier than scheduled and everything was in great condition. I'm looking forward to my next purchase.