Customers' Feedback ( 388 valued customers in United States)

by A Male / United States June 21, 2017
Thoroughly pleased. The shipping description read that the order would arrive in 2-4 weeks. I think it arrived in just under a week.
by J.G Other / United States June 19, 2017
The wide selection and attention to detail in packaging is among the best of any doujinshi sellers I have bought from both times I've placed an order! I'm super impressed! :3
by B.R Male / United States June 15, 2017
Great overall no complaints quick delivery with no complications
by O Male / United States June 13, 2017
i really appreciate the protectors you guys gifted! thank you for your service i'll definitely be purchasing from you guys again!
by L.K Male / United States June 13, 2017
Have ordered multiple times from you each one is delivered quickly and items wrapped neatly. Hands down the best import service with doujinshi I have ever used.
by A.P Male / United States June 10, 2017
Amazing service! Great packaging and fast delivery.
by J Female / United States June 9, 2017
I love Shingo Iwakiri. He has made shopping in Japan very easy for me and all of my friends are jealous of my collection. I have come to trust the packaging done by doujin republic which is very important to me and probably every collector of unique art and anime. The service that Doujin Republic has provided to me is uniquely sensible. Its simple fee structure and payment options work well for me. I get the impression that my order is cared about and that is priceless.
by M.S Male / United States June 7, 2017
Packaging exceeds expectations! Maybe the second layer of bubble wrap is excessive but I particularly appreciate the thick cardboard included that really helps. Also I appreciate the book wrap gift.
by I Male / United States June 6, 2017
WONDERFUL! I got my item in AMAZING condition. The item was rare and sold out everywhere else so I am VERY grateful!
by A.M Female / United States June 3, 2017
Lovely customer service! I bought a polystone figure here polystone items almost always break in the shipping process because they're so fragile- however mine DIDN'T break because the item was so perfectly packaged. I'm super happy and will likely buy from here again. <3
by J.B Male / United States June 2, 2017
excellent service the items i ordered were delivered quick and had no damages. Thank You !!!
by B.I Male / United States June 1, 2017
Grade A service. My order came in earlier than scheduled and everything was in great condition. I'm looking forward to my next purchase.
by B.H Male / United States May 31, 2017
Perfectly shipped carefully wrapped welcomed like family! Very personal and attentive service.
by L.D / United States May 28, 2017
The book came in great condition as Doujin Republic Promised.
by J / United States May 28, 2017
Fast shipping, fast communication, item arrived in excellent condition with added bonus item!
by T / United States May 28, 2017
Great composition, worth the price with accurate representations of all related characters.
by S Male / United States May 28, 2017
Great packaging and arrival time.
by R.M Male / United States May 28, 2017
Doujin Republic has honestly become my favorite website. They have a huge selection the request feature is amazing and they ship lightning fast no complaints whatsoever.
by D.M Female / United States May 27, 2017
by J.S / United States May 26, 2017
excellent product, superb shipping.. this product was great, and was shipped in amazing condition discreetly and quickly, which is always appreciated with adult products. one of the best experiences I have had with a doujin seller in a long time.
by E Male / United States May 25, 2017
The quality of the items I ordered exceeded my expectations. The store said they were used but they were like-new. It was also nice to know exactly how much I was going to pay without any currency conversions or added shipping cost.
by M.V / United States May 23, 2017
Great. Took forever to ship but thats ok . Overall i give it a 5 star . Product was used but looks brand new to me :)
by J.B Male / United States May 21, 2017
the items i ordered were delivered fast and were well packaged. There were no damages and even the used books were in very nice condition thank you
by T Male / United States May 17, 2017
by M.G Male / United States May 16, 2017
Best service of any company I've ever ordered from. Easy to navigate the site they're quick to ship and get it to you. Always a pleasure to spend my money here thanks!
by D.B Male / United States May 16, 2017
The package reached me safe and sound with it's contents in splendid condition and I really love the Vita and Hayate strap bonus you added in. I look forward to using your store to build my collection in the future and thank you for your service!
by J.W / United States May 14, 2017
Awesome!!!!! Thanks.
by S Male / United States May 14, 2017
It's good.
by L.S Male / United States May 13, 2017
All my items got here in mint condition and they got here fast on top of that. I couldn't be happier with your selection and service.
by B.G Male / United States May 13, 2017
by R.N Male / United States May 12, 2017
Package came well protected tracking was accurate
by K.S Male / United States May 11, 2017
I love your packaging and everything has lived up to expectations. Used items have all been in great condition.
by N Male / United States May 11, 2017
Awesome I got my stuff less than a week after it ship and meet all my expectation.items came out in excellent conditions.
by J.S Male / United States May 9, 2017
The customer service here is amazing! Not only did they answer my questions they helped me throughout the payment process. I received my order in a timely matter and they really took time to add in a little extra something based on my order. I really appreciate everything they do. 10/10
by J.S Male / United States May 8, 2017
Items arrived in excellent condition. Always a pleasure doing business.
by L.S Male / United States May 7, 2017
Very good on tracking old relics Hope your keep do the best. Good Job!
by P / United States May 6, 2017
As per usual, Doujin Republic has established itself as the best service for getting Doujin directly to American readers. Perfectly packaged, and tracked.
by R Male / United States May 6, 2017
by J.W / United States May 5, 2017
Awesome!!!!! Thanks.
by M.A / United States May 4, 2017
very good service wide selection provides protective covers for the manga very responsive will come again!
by A.C Male / United States May 4, 2017
The store has many varity of books. I enjoyed the fact it is easy to tell what is in stock and what's not. The shipping is great as well.
by G Male / United States May 1, 2017
Fantastic service items came very well taken care of.
by M.T Male / United States April 26, 2017
Great service offering figures that are difficult to find. Shipping was faster than expected and my figure arrived in perfect condition. The packaging was perfect.
by J Male / United States April 25, 2017
Everything came in perfect condition the shipping and doujin quality is amazing! I know exactly where I'm gonna shop the next time I want a doujin.
by C.R Male / United States April 25, 2017
From the very beginning it was a pleasant experience I was notified that there would be a slight delay and processing but I still received it very quickly and they are not playing the wrapping is definitely very professional I was happily satisfied also the little extras while not necessary really made me feel like a valued customer like the letter that was sent with it and the discreet packaging so I will definitely be buying from them again
by I.B Male / United States April 22, 2017
Great services.
by J.M Male / United States April 22, 2017
Everything was perfect I ordered 3 fairly hard to find books price was great packaging was great and they arrived quickly.
by D Female / United States April 20, 2017
Great packaging protected my doujinshi well and loved the extra gift thrown in. I couldn't be happier hope to make another purchase in the future thank you!
by S Male / United States April 19, 2017
Excellent product and packaging and amazing customer service!
by J.T Male / United States April 18, 2017