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by M.T Male / United States April 26, 2017
Great service offering figures that are difficult to find. Shipping was faster than expected and my figure arrived in perfect condition. The packaging was perfect.
by J Male / United States April 25, 2017
Everything came in perfect condition the shipping and doujin quality is amazing! I know exactly where I'm gonna shop the next time I want a doujin.
by C.R Male / United States April 25, 2017
From the very beginning it was a pleasant experience I was notified that there would be a slight delay and processing but I still received it very quickly and they are not playing the wrapping is definitely very professional I was happily satisfied also the little extras while not necessary really made me feel like a valued customer like the letter that was sent with it and the discreet packaging so I will definitely be buying from them again
by I.B Male / United States April 22, 2017
Great services.
by J.M Male / United States April 22, 2017
Everything was perfect I ordered 3 fairly hard to find books price was great packaging was great and they arrived quickly.
by D Female / United States April 20, 2017
Great packaging protected my doujinshi well and loved the extra gift thrown in. I couldn't be happier hope to make another purchase in the future thank you!
by S Male / United States April 19, 2017
Excellent product and packaging and amazing customer service!
by J.T Male / United States April 18, 2017
by M.S Male / United States April 18, 2017
Great customer service phenomenal packaging amazing selection! Happy to be a repeat customer!
by A / United States April 15, 2017
First order and first review. So I was looking for a good site to buy some doujins, specifically Ikki Tousen Doujinshi. This site has a great collection on them and other series as well. Even though I went low on shipping, I was still largely impress on the way they deliver their package. I will probably will be buying some books once in a while from here from now on.
by P / United States April 14, 2017
Excellent First Impression from Doujin Republic! Great Read! I actually ended up finding the website, Doujin republic, by accident. I was looking for this particular work, and they were the only ones who had it in stock. But am I glad they were the ones that did - excellent packaging, as advertised condition, and pretty cheap shipping everything considered! The extra book cover included for free alongside appreciative paperwork made me feel appreciated as a customer, and I am sure going to buy from them again! This particular work interested me because of the style similarities to the actual Watamote work (the official releases) - anyone who wants to read it in English can google the translation. This artist has just released another work recently, which too bad seems to be shorter than this but still - I like the style, and with excellent the Doujin Republic service, I am all the more satisfied!
by C.S Male / United States April 14, 2017
Great care and attention in handling the order. Packaging was very impressive and the items were in perfect condition. Would purchase again!
by J.S Male / United States April 11, 2017
As always It's always a pleasure doing business with you. The gift from my recent order was also a nice gesture. Thank you.
by S.N Male / United States April 11, 2017
Not many complaints really. Some of the books had subtle bend marks on the edges but it's barely noticeable. The books look good for the most part. Mr. Iwakiri is a helpful and pleasant man to talk to. You did good Doujin Republic you did good.
by J Male / United States April 7, 2017
Great packaging and items were in fantastic condition.
by Z Male / United States April 6, 2017
Great shipping and even better service!
by G Male / United States April 6, 2017
Beautifully packaged and came in fast and the products came in as if new if they were not.
by P / United States April 4, 2017
Great Buy. Really happy with purchase, would recommend buying doujins here. Came in great condition, happy with purchase.
by J Male / United States March 31, 2017
Excellent condition thanks!
by D.N Male / United States March 31, 2017
Packages came earlier than expected and in excellent condition.
by J.T Male / United States March 30, 2017
The website is very good! The layout of it is very intuitive and the website overall is very well designed. I like it a lot! As for shipping my items have arrived in perfect condition and it is obvious that a lot of care was taken when packaging them. And thank you guys for the option to request items that aren't listed or are out of stock. Really awesome! I am 100% satisfied!
by G / United States March 29, 2017
The book came in as new, and in the time frame that was promised. The packaging was fantastic as well. :) All around I am very happy.
by N.C / United States March 29, 2017
Almost Perfect! The box it came in was perfect, the model itself is perfect too! Looks great!
by J.T Male / United States March 28, 2017
Excellent job! The prices were good and the item packaging was very well done! It arrived in perfect condition! Thank you guys so much!
by A.B Male / United States March 27, 2017
Ordering was pretty easy and after waiting I was really happy with the package. It came with a bonus gift apart from the doujin! Overall I was satisfied with the services and will definitely use them again.
by H.R Male / United States March 22, 2017
My items were shipped with great care and quickly. They arrived in perfect condition. I've been very happy so far. :)
by M / United States March 22, 2017
Superior Quality. When I received the package, I wasn't expecting a very well kept parcel for this item. I was completely impressed by the quality and care I got for this amazing doujin about Cindy~ I'm definitely going to buy more from this site again since they really stress quality!
by M.I / United States March 19, 2017
Despite being a used it copy, it was still in very good condition.
by J Male / United States March 17, 2017
My item arrived on time and the package was in great shape. Thanks so much!
by D.D Male / United States March 15, 2017
by C.K / United States March 14, 2017
Definitely Great Quality/Service. The reputation of this company is high in my standards. My Doujinshi arrived promptly, undamaged and quality as advertised. I'm very grateful for Shingo I. for the good service for a collector like myself.
by B Male / United States March 11, 2017
Very pleased
by S.N Male / United States March 11, 2017
I was satisfied with the service. My questions were answered the staff was nice and they worked with me if I had difficulties.
by M.A Other / United States March 9, 2017
GREAT love your store will shop again! perfect
by C.G Male / United States March 9, 2017
Service is quite quick and the variety of items is very good.
by C.G / United States March 9, 2017
Came in without a problem. My item came in without a single problem, and it seemed like it came in earlier than what I expected.
by D.R / United States March 7, 2017
Very good service. Item arrived perfectly and seller took pictures of the used item for me. Very good service. arrived fast.
by M / United States March 7, 2017
Great Buy. Happy with purchase, super hard to find
by J Male / United States March 6, 2017
by S.G Male / United States March 6, 2017
by C Male / United States March 6, 2017
Excellent service.
by D.V Male / United States March 6, 2017
by F Male / United States March 2, 2017
I was very pleased with your services. This site is excellent by all means keep up the great service. Thank you very much
by J Male / United States March 2, 2017
Amazing customer service and fast shipping! Product was packaged with great care and goods arrived in excellent condition. Will definitely be purchasing from this site more!
by K Male / United States March 2, 2017
The quality of the Doujinshi I ordered from you and the speed in which I received it are both beyond what I had expected.
by E.C / United States Feb. 25, 2017
This was my first purchase from the site and am quite glad with it. Been wanting to read the doujin after seeing the cover floating around many months ago. As for the packaging, it was great as it was raining the day it came and none of the actual doujin got wet thanks to its multiple layers of protection.
by S.P Male / United States Feb. 24, 2017
The customer service was excellent and the products were in top condition. I was a little concerned for ordering a used product but it was if it was brand new. I will be ordering more from this website in the future.
by L Female / United States Feb. 18, 2017
Great service. Doujinshi arrived in great shape. I love this site.
by H.R Male / United States Feb. 16, 2017
Your service is great. My order arrived fast and in perfect condition. The books that I ordered looked great and near mint condition. I'm very happy with my order and the amount of care you took when shipping my order. I'm very pleased.
by D.M Male / United States Feb. 15, 2017
I was initially looking for 2 books that I wanted some time ago here on this website but they have been sold out. Thankfully there is an option to have them restocked and when I requested to restock the items they promptly did it! I was relieved and placed my order. I was definitely satisfied with my order and will continue doing business here!