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Customers' Feedback ( 256 valued customers in United States)

by D Male / United States Jan. 16, 2017
I was quite happy with the services provided by this website. The free shipping was great and my products arrived quickly and in excellent condition. My order was packaged with care. The artbooks and a stiff piece of cardboard were wrapped together by bubble wrap. A second layer of bubble wrap was added to the bundle which was then placed into a cardboard box and shipped.
by S.P Male / United States Jan. 16, 2017
Nothing more to say other than being happy with the products and overall service. Will definitely shop here again.
by F.R Male / United States Jan. 15, 2017
I'm a recently new buyer/user of this site but I love it already great selection love the free shipping and the way things are packed is top notch.
by G.G Male / United States Jan. 14, 2017
Absolutely 10/10 packing! Genuinely impressed 3 layers of bubble wrap(counting the mailing package) outside envelope tapped & inside bubble wrap sleeve tapped as well. Plus they threw in a free pack of transparent book covers which was a huge happy suprize! And all of my books were flawless even the "used" book I couldn't tell it wasn't brand new. Highly recommended & I'll be returning!
by T.M Male / United States Jan. 12, 2017
I'm always satisfied with my purchases. Everyone and anyone should feel comfortable buying from you guys!
by J Male / United States Jan. 12, 2017
Items arrived in a timely manner. Very satisfied with my purchase. Will purchase from D.R. again.
by E.J Male / United States Jan. 12, 2017
Never been disappointed with an order from OtakuRepublic or DoujinRepublic; the pack-in bonuses make every order a surprise and the delivery is always prompt!
by C.K Female / United States Jan. 11, 2017
Everything came on time and in perfect condition. I would definitely buy from here again.
by L.C Male / United States Jan. 10, 2017
Very quick service and even got a little gift! I'm extremely happy on what I got!
by G / United States Jan. 9, 2017
Very fast delivery, I recommend!
by J.P Male / United States Jan. 8, 2017
Great timing on the delivery I was also impressed with the packaging and the small gift with my items. Thank you very much!
by J.V Male / United States Jan. 8, 2017
I love the wide selection and the ability to reguest doujin. I was very happy the condition my books came in. The delivery was very speedy! THANK YOU DOUJIN REPUBLIC!
by J Female / United States Jan. 8, 2017
I love Shingo Iwakiri. Everything came out great the prompt customer service was a real life saver and is the reason I chose to use this service for the first time. I am already recommending it. It does take time to get shipments but I believe it is just the normal time it takes for a proxy to receive everything.
by Z Male / United States Jan. 8, 2017
by C.B Male / United States Jan. 8, 2017
by S.G Male / United States Jan. 8, 2017
Item arrived in good condition.
by M.D Male / United States Jan. 8, 2017
Very surprised at how fast it was delivered plus the bonus item I got was related to my purchase and also enjoyed it too!
by S / United States Jan. 6, 2017
I also want to say that I'm very pleased with Doujin Republic, for the fast shipping, good selection and great service! I'll definitely be back again!
by E / United States Jan. 6, 2017
Wonderful Quality and Service. They're very responsive and helpful with getting you the products you want, so full recommendation as usual!
by T.W / United States Jan. 4, 2017
Awesome Service. Very responsive staff, was able yo find exactly what I was looking for pretty quickly. Came packaged very nicely, everything was in excellent condition. Even came with the DVD for a used copy of something, and they even sent sleeves. The sleeves were a little large for the specific books I ordered but I modified them a little bit and they work just fine. Heck I tried to look around and find the exact sleeves and they were like $20, that and there really weren't any other sizes, so I am very satisfied. Thanks guys :)
by E Male / United States Jan. 3, 2017
You did an amazing job if I ever purchase more Doujins I intend to do it with Doujin Republic.
by T.L Male / United States Jan. 1, 2017
Fast shipping friendly reminders excellent customer service!
by T.S / United States Dec. 31, 2016
awesome. Got an extremely rare book for a great price!
by J.P Male / United States Dec. 30, 2016
Despite the prices which I feel are too high I was satisfied with the level of service and communication by your staff. I guess I was also paying for that as well ;) And despite some books being 'used' all the books were not as damaged as I imagined. In fact they all were as good as new in quality.
by E.O / United States Dec. 27, 2016
It was got here safe and sound! No Problems whatsoever!!!!
by J.W / United States Dec. 25, 2016
Swiftly shipped, in perfect condition.
by M.G Male / United States Dec. 25, 2016
Everything arrived safely and were packaged very well. My items have no rips or tears and the pages are clean they basically looked brand new! I'll definitely be shopping here again.
by J Male / United States Dec. 22, 2016
Great packaging and quality. Good customer service too!
by J.J / United States Dec. 20, 2016
Great service. Product arrived in excellent condition and in a timely manner!
by Y.M Male / United States Dec. 20, 2016
Prompt shipment and doujin was in great condition!
by C / United States Dec. 19, 2016
As always prompt and courteous service. I've been a customer for years and have no plans of stopping.
by Z.A Male / United States Dec. 16, 2016
Everything arrived in great condition and your customer service is great!
by D Male / United States Dec. 14, 2016
Perfect. I received this book in very good condition, packaging was well made, A cardboard is placed behind the book to keep it rigid. I also received this book very fast.
by J.W Male / United States Dec. 13, 2016
by T Male / United States Dec. 12, 2016
I liked the communication and the reasonable processing + shipping time from the order to the arrival of the item.
by S.P / United States Dec. 10, 2016
Excellent service. There's not a lot to say other than the packaging was thorough in protecting my book which arrived in mint condition. Very happy ordering here and will most certainly again in the future. ^_^
by S.M Male / United States Dec. 10, 2016
Great packaging and fast shipping from Japan to the states. Love the huge selection of doujinshi.
by M.S Male / United States Dec. 8, 2016
Great selection and amazing care with packaging - thank you!
by J.W / United States Dec. 7, 2016
AWESOME!!! Fast delivery, awesome products.
by N.B Male / United States Dec. 7, 2016
by C.H Male / United States Dec. 7, 2016
by N Male / United States Dec. 4, 2016
A great company with fast customer service and they've shipped faster than anything else I've bought from Japan.
by N Female / United States Dec. 3, 2016
Arrived in perfect condition and about what I expected.
by T.M Male / United States Dec. 2, 2016
Awesome customer service! Overall a great experience I definitely will buy something again soon!
by A.B Male / United States Nov. 30, 2016
Packaging was extremely well done everything arrived in perfect shape. Shipping was also quick.
by J.R Male / United States Nov. 30, 2016
Packaging was very secure and service was friendly.
by S / United States Nov. 28, 2016
My order came in perfect condition! Nicely packaged and the quality of the book was amazing.
by K.W Female / United States Nov. 28, 2016
Very nice service!! Pleasure to shop with
by M.D Male / United States Nov. 26, 2016
by S.P Male / United States Nov. 26, 2016
I really appreciate the gift along with my books and will be ordering from here again!