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Saki originally is a mange, and is animated in 2009. The TV animation is launched until 3rd series.

In 1st and 3rd series, the heroin Saki Miyanaga and other high school students of Kiyosumi High School battles at competitive mah-jongg, and their youth is described, and in 2nd series, the heroin Shizuno Takakamo and other junior high school students of Achiga Girl’s Academy are described.

I would like to introduce you the first series of the animation!

Saki Miyanaga, the heroin is a 1st grade girl and high school student.
She used to play mah-jongg with her family when she was young to get money gifted for the New Year, but if she fails she loses money and if she wins she is scolded. This absurd situation made her hate mah-jongg.

But when she enter high school, an old friend Kyoutarou Suga invited her to mah-jongg club, and she had to play mah-jongg, confused.

And surprisingly, she showed a line of tiles that turns the result into plus minus zero!

The president of the club invites Saki to mah-jongg club, as she made a great play. Of course, as Saki had a bad memory when she was little, she refuses, but…

She had to fight against Nodoka Haramura, a tycoon who won the first prize in national competition when she was a junior high school student, and Saki decides to enter mah-jongg club watching how genius Nodoka plays.

As Saki entered, Kiyosumi High School could entry the national competition for the first time. Saki is an animation that describes the youth of girls who make efforts to be the top of national competition!

In the animation, each personality has her own super ability, and you can see powerful techniques. I have never played mah-jongg and didn’t know about it, but thanks to brilliant actions and paroles, I could enjoy a lot.

As they play mah-jongg as club activity, youth stories with friendship, rivals and victory are described. The members are brilliant when they build relationship through club activity, and you will cheer them up for sure.

In this story, the members of rival schools are described too, so nevertheless they are rivals, you will want to cheer them up too, surprisingly.

You will think “I will do my best too”, by watching them making efforts to attain their goals.

Please check out the animation!

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