【Chainsaw Man】The Most Anticipated Anime of Fall Anime 2022! Coming to Air Soon! 5-minute Overview of Chainsaw Man from Shonen Jump!

Konnichiwa everyone! This is Nozaki from Doujin Republic!
Those of you reading this, have you already checked out the currently fall anime pf 2022~? The anime line ups to wrap up the year 2022 is very luxurious!

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In today’s article, I’d like to zoom in on one anime that’s especially getting the hype among the lavish anime line up! And this is not a sequel, but a new anime! Once serialized in Shonen Jump, this specific work is finally getting animated!

【Chainsaw Man】On Air Starting October 11th, 2022! This Fall’s Most Anticipated Anime, Chainsaw Man Explained in 5 Minutes!

Are you all familiar with a work called Chainsaw Man? In Japan this fall, this work, Chainsaw Man, is trending as the most anticipated fall anime!

Based on a Manga Work Serialized in Shonen Jump!
『Devil』and『Devil-hunter』 are the Subjects of This Battle x Dark Fantasy!

Chainsaw Man is a manga series from Shonen Jump between around 2019 and 2021. Despite its short publishing span, its dynamic action scenes, serious and dark perspectives, and the shocking ending made it a much talked about work! I often saw Chainsaw Man ranked high in Japan’s ‘Most Wanted Manga to be Animated Titles Ranking!’

Denji, the protagonist is a youth who makes a living as a ‘devil hunter’.
But one day, a devil retaliates and......!?

To briefly explain the story, the main character Denji, along with his partner Pochita, used to make money every day by being a ‘devil hunter’ who demolishes ‘devils’ that are spread around the world.
However, one day a devil that’s been defeated by Denji in the past takes a revenge and kills Denji and Pochita...... At that moment, Pochita who was a devil, makes a deal with Denji, and resurrects him as a Chainsaw devil, Chainsaw Man!
Denji, who resurrected as Chainsaw Man, becomes under-management by the government because he is now a devil. From there, he starts to fight various devils with his supervisor Makima-San, and other devils that become colleagues like Power-Chan!
In the manga series, the first chapter is complete, and the second chapter is currently serialized over a website! Recently, it’s been trending also because a popular anime company, MAPPA is in charge of the Chainsaw Man anime!
The above illustration is a commemorative poster that has anime characters created by MAPPA in the past...... surely there are characters that you have seen somewhere! Chainsaw Man anime’s first episode airs a week from now on 10/12!! There’s definitely going to be a trending conversation afterward, so those of you reading this article, please check it out!

If you check out the Chainsaw Man anime and manga, check out the Doujinshi too! Check out Doujinshi from this page!

Chainsaw Man
Okie doke, that’s it for now! I’ll see you at the next article~! Bye~!

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