【Comiket101】Scheduled for 12/30 & 31st! Check out the Newest Doujinshi from 2022’s largest and final Doujinshi Event - Comiket101’s reservation page!

Konnichiwa everyone! December is finally here! The last month of the year! A bit sad...... but also a little excited, this is Nozaki from Doujin Republic!
The reason why am I excited...... is because the dates for that big Doujinshi event of summer and winter are nearing! We definitely want you to check it out too! Just the other day, the reservation page was launched on Doujin Republic!

【Comiket101】Scheduled for 12/30 & 31st! Check out the newest Doujinshi from 2022’s largest and final Doujinshi Event Comiket101’s reservation page!

And so, just the other day, we launched the reservation page for the world’s largest Doujinshi sale event, Comiket101, which will be held on December 30th and 31st of 2022!
Reservation page for Comiket101 is HERE!
Check out the newest Comiket101 Doujinshi HERE!

How big of a Doujinshi event is Comiket?

A social event of fans where total of several hundred thousand people attends during its duration!
In addition to Doujinshi distribution, there is also cosplay and company’s official goods presale. A must event for anime and game fans!
Comiket is an event intended for socializing among fans with cosplay and Doujinshi sales!
For Comiket100 that was held in August 2022, in order to prevent COVID-19 transmission, they greatly restricted number of both visitors and circle-participants. Even then...... between the two days, about 190,000 people participated in the event! Usually, it is held for 3 days with about 500,000~600,000 people attending the event, but 190,000 is still a massive crowd!

A divine event where on top of fan’s Doujinshi, game & anime, or V-Tuber’s official illustrator-san’s Doujinshi are also released!

A key point of Comiket is that it’s not just for the fans to socialize, but on top of that, game, anime, and V-Tuber’s official illustrator-sans are creating and distributing Doujinshi as fans too! There’s a possibility that an illustrator who actually designed the character for your favorite work is releasing a Doujinshi too~?

For example! At Comiket100, these Doujinshi were released!

Fate/Grand Order (Avalon le Fae Synopsys) / Takebouki
Fate/Grand Order / (FGO Illustrations 8) / ReDrop
Fate/Grand Order (RAITA no FGO Rakugaki Bon / RAITA no FGO Rakugaki Bon 04) / ZETTAI SHOUJO
hololive / (HoloDays2) / Ordan
hololive / FOX SUMMER MEMORY / white parabellum
hololive / (AQUART05) / Makarontaitei

What kind of Comiket100 Doujinshi was Popular?
Re-experience summer memories with this ranking list HERE!

Top 100 Comiket 100 (Summer 2022) this week
Top 100 [Adult] Comiket 100 (Summer 2022) this week
Since Comiket100 was in the summer, there was many Doujinshi with lots of illustration of bikini or breezy outfits released! The pre-sale Doujinshi for Comiket101 page is still low in numbers, but what sort of Doujinshi would be coming? Please check frequently from now to the event days, December 30~31st, 2022!
Alrighty, that’s about it for now! See you at the next article!

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