Vol.4 Best-Selling Comics - Unveiling Top Erotic Comics!

Hello everyone!
This time, we will introduce the best-selling comics.
We have done this several times before, and this will be the fourth installment.
You can view the previous introductions from the links below.
In this installment, we are also featuring some slightly older comics that were released a few years ago.
Let's take a look!

Bitch Bitch by Puyocha

Bitch Bitch
The third comic by Puyocha, Bitch Bitch is a work full of extreme play for horny gals and bitch maniacs. Lustful, unsatisfied girls transform shame into pleasure and lose control in various situations. This book is super powerful and highly practical.
Puyocha's Works

Joshi Luck! by DISTANCE

Joshi Luck!
Serialized in COMIC X-EROS, this comic features the story of a new teacher who becomes the advisor for the lacrosse club and ends up having relations with all the members. Enjoy this popular series, which has also been adapted into an anime!

Annette-san to Liliana-san by Aoi Nagisa

Annette-san to Liliana-san
This is the first comic book by Aoi Nagisa, a charismatic artist in the tanned beauty genre. It includes all the manga featuring the beautiful sisters Annette-san and Liliana-san, along with illustrations for goods and anime, and exclusive new works, totaling 172 full-color pages. Enjoy the charm of tanned beauties! The tapestries and anime are also amazing, so be sure to check them out!
Aoi Nagisa's Works

Junyoku Kaihouku by Momofuki Rio

Junyoku Kaihouku
This comic by Momofuki Rio centers on the Junyoku Kaihouku series, featuring a protagonist who moves into an apartment run by a beautiful divorced woman and spends days full of intense sexual encounters with her and her beautiful friends. Enjoy the 9 densely packed episodes!
Momofuki Rio's Works

Puchi Love Kingdom by Ponpon Itai

Puchi Love Kingdom
This is the first comic by Ponpon Itai, known for drawing three-white-eye girls. It features scenes of flat-chested and slim girls being intensely penetrated by robust men. If you are interested, be sure to check it out!
Ponpon Itai's Works

Saimin Seikatsu by Tawara Hiryuu

Saimin Seikatsu
In this comic by Tawara Hiryuu, a mediocre male student gains a hypnosis device that allows him to control anyone he desires. The story includes encounters with a genius half-Japanese beauty, an admired class representative, and a busty married woman.
Tawara Hiryuu's Works

Icchuuya by Hirune

Hirune's first comic features 8 intense stories. Experience the overwhelming detail that conveys the heat, scent, moisture, and texture of the skin.
Hirune's Works

Damasare Kids by Akatsuki Katsuie

Damasare Kids
In this comic by Akatsuki Katsuie, small girls with strong self-esteem are lured into the adult world. It includes 8 stories and an additional work that explore the intersection of desires.
Akatsuki Katsuie's Works

Tsuma demo Haha demo Nakunaru Hi by Jirou

Tsuma demo Haha demo Nakunaru Hi
This comic by Jirou is an NTR collection featuring married women who abandon their family roles and succumb to young men's charms. Enjoy the stories of women falling for younger men!
Jirou's Works

Kinyoubi No Haha-tachi e by Jitsuma

Kinyoubi No Haha-tachi e
This comic by Jitsuma features heroines who are all mothers. It depicts erotic stories of mothers and their sons. A total of 8 stories are included, along with an exclusive new manga. Be sure to check it out!
Jitsuma's Works
Did you find any comics you like?
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