Nanaka no Rakuen Series Finale: Volume 8 Debuts at Comiket 104

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In this article, we introduce the latest volume of Nanaka no Rakuen (七夏の楽園)!
Nanaka no Rakuen Vol.8
Nanaka no Rakuen is an original doujinshi series by Akatsuki Myuuto (赤月みゅうと), serialized since 2021.
The story begins with the protagonist, who is assigned to a rural school before summer vacation, meeting six girls who are enjoying an endless summer vacation.
This doujinshi series focuses on a harem theme.
The latest volume, Volume 8, will debut at Comiket 104 in mid-August.
This Volume 8 is the final volume.
Be sure to get your hands on it to see the conclusion of the story!
Additionally, Akatsuki Myuuto is also serializing another doujinshi series called Boku ni Shika Sawarenai Succubus Sanshimai ni Shiborareru Hanashi.
If you're interested, be sure to check it out as well!
Boku ni Shika Sawarenai Succubus Sanshimai ni Shiborareru Hanashi
Akatsuki Myuuto's Works
You can view the Comiket 104 items from the link below.
There is also a page summarizing popular artists and their works participating in Comiket 104, so be sure to check that out too!
Comiket 104 items
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The number of pre-order items for Comiket 104 is gradually increasing, so be sure to check regularly!
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