【Fate/Grand Order】EIGHT Most Popular “Rider” Girls in Doujin Republic! Make a Guess of Who They Are!

Hi, everyone! I completed the swimsuit event rerun the other day! It’s Nozaki from Doujin Republic!
Who’s gonna be a swimsuit chara this year? To me, I really want to see Ereshkigal-Chan wearing one……!!!!
Putting aside my desire…… Today, I’ll be featuring the characters of this class! Unexpectedly, many of them tend to be selected to the swimsuit chara too!

【Fate/Grand Order】
EIGHT Most Popular “Rider” Girls in Doujin Republic!
Make a Guess of Who They Are!

Here we go! I’ll share with you guys eight most popular Rider chara in Doujin Republic! Before you scroll down, why don’t you make a guess of who are being ranked in~?

What’s the Rider Class?

It’s summoned for the Holy Grail War and is also the Cavalry Class.
Servants classified as this class are known “for riding mounts, living beasts or human constructs, during their lives.” This applies to things such as horses, vehicles, dragons and ships, therefore, so many anecdotes are applicable. The mounts described in their legends can grant them powerful Noble Phantasms or abilities, being ambitious and active, such as the warriors riding horses, the pirates adventuring undeveloped land and explorers. Therefore, most of them are dynamic and charismatic. We often see characters appearing in other classes having the aptitude of Rider Class as well.


She appears for the first time in Fate/Grand Order.
Being the queen of Connacht that appears in Celtic Mythology, she has fallen in love with multiple men.
She has an absolute confidence in her beauty and does everything she can to make herself even more beautiful. While she is sophisticated and innocent, she doesn’t go against her own desires at all. She tends to control over strong men. Being able to play both enemy and ally roles at FGO events, she’s loved by many people.


She appears for the first time in Fate/Grand Order.
She is one of the supreme existences in Aztec Mythology, controlling everything relevant to human’s life, such as harvest, culture, rain and wind.
She is very cheerful and dynamic, and loves a Mexican fighter, Lucha Libre, appearing in the game so much that she sometimes uses his technique. As a character, she has the explosive fire power, which perfectly matches with her dynamic character.

Reines El-Melloi Archisorte

She is the character who appeared in The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II.
In The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II, she appeared as a magical girl. However, when she was implemented in Fate/Grand Order, she appeared as a spirit-dwelling object of a Chinese soldier, Sima Yi. Getting the advice from the most powerful soldier, she is specialized with being supportive, which is rare as the servant in Rider Class, where most of them are aggressive. Her personality is cool; however, she sometimes shows us girly-behaviors, just like the average girls in her age.


She is the character who appears in Fate-Apocrypha.
She is the great figure who appeared in the French epic, “The Song of Roland.” There is a description in the epic, saying ‘she is a boy who is flashy and androgynous,’ therefore, she was summoned with the elements where she is dressed like a girl to calm her buddies or she loves cute animals. (※Meaning…… she is actually a man.) While she is very cheerful and energetic, she is known as a troublemaker, who always wants to get involved with anything. However, she is also known as a kind person, who always helps those in need as a Knight. She is a lovable character.

Saint Martha (Fate Series)

She appears for the first time in Fate/Grand Order.
She is the great saint who appeared in New Testament. She has a legend of suppressing the evil dragon Tarasque and she has a dragon who she has beaten as her servant. She is gallant and faithful, and is a perfect saint. However, when she was summoned, she also looked like “a country girl who lived with her younger sister and brother,” therefore, she is actually strong and a little powerful. She is still naughty, trying to solve problems by fighting.


She is the character who has been appearing since Fate/stay night.
She is one of the representative Rider Class characters and very popular. The true color is a monster which appears in the Myth, called Medusa. However, she is actually such a mature woman, being calm and cool. While she sometimes makes an extreme judgment, she is actually very kind. In Fate/Grand Order, she really didn’t appear much, which makes us miss her a little. We look forward to the event, where she plays an active role someday.


She appears for the first time in Fate/Grand Order.
The young warrior queen, who existed in Ancient Roman Britain. She is the origin of the word “victory.” (There are other theories too.) She is kind, loving herself so much, just like the original figure. She bravely faces those who are against herself or her allies. In Fate/Grand Order, she is often described as “a mother or old sister-like character” and she cooks delicious food in the kitchen in the event too.


She appears for the first time in Fate/Grand Order.
Better known by a Japanese warrior, Minamoto no Yoshitsune’s childhood figure. Therefore, she is cheerful and playful. Just like the legend, where she used to train herself with animals or Tengu in mountains, she is very active and energetic. She especially likes battles or matches, so the way she thinks can sometimes be a little vicious. In Fate/Grand Order, she is sometimes eccentric and becomes troublemaker, however, she also appears in the serious event since she has gone through such a heroic life.
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All right! This is all for today! I’ll see you guys at the next article~!

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