【Summer 2021 Anime】A NEW Love Live Series Begins! Here Is Outline of Love Live Super Stars, Starting to Air in July!

Hi, everyone! We’ll be in July next week! I just cannot wait to watch summer anime! It’s Nozaki from Doujin Republic!!
Well, well……! Today, I’ll be featuring one of the summer anime, which I personally look forward to watching most! There’s not so much info coming up yet but here’s what I’ve researched so far! I bet many of you look forward to it too! Gotta check it out this summer!!

【Summer 2021 Anime】
A NEW Love Live Series Begins!
Here Is Outline of Love Live Super Stars, Starting to Air in July!

Here’s my research about Love Live Super Stars, which is scheduled to premiere in July! According to my research, it looks like there’s a little difference from other Love Live Series in how they are set up!!

Where Is Love Live Super Stars Set?

Well! Love Live Super Stars is set in ‘Harajuku,’ Tokyo! (It’s officially been announced too!)
What’s special about Harajuku…… Yes, it’s a stylish town, where youngsters gather! You see the tangled narrow streets in the trailer above? It’s called ‘Takeshita Street,’ which is one of the sightseeing spots~!
You see some other sightseeing spots beside Harajuku in the trailer too but Harajuku has a strong image of ‘the cutting edge of fashion’ and we see what is popular or not if we go there, according to my opinion. For instance, the store you’ve been to might be gone and you see a brand-new store, next time you go there…… This kind of thing is not unusual in Harajuku.

How about the group of Live Super Stars?

The story focuses on a school idol group called Liella!!
And the school, where the story takes place, is Yurigaoka Private Girls High School!
This school’s name has been decided by the fans’ voting! It’s a brand-new school, which is located in Harajuku area (around Omotesando, Harajuku and Aoyama). They say it’s been renovated from the old closed school!
Actually, there’s a special setting in this school, which we have never seen in the previous Love Live series!

A Secret of the Characters, Appearing in Love Live Super Stars……!?

Guess what? All the members from Liella! are in the 1st grade of high school (all 16-year-old)!
Why aren’t there any senpai or kouhai (the students junior to them) ……? Because it’s the very first year since this school was founded. In short, it’s the school, where only the students in the 1st grade currently attend!!
So, that means only the students in the 1st grade will work as school idols in this school…… Even if they go on to the next grade, there won’t be any senpai for them. It’s a little rare setting, huh? Since the school was just founded, there’s no risk of being closed, either! Can’t wait to watch how Liella! will play in the story, huh?
Aaand, about the members…… Since we don’t have much info yet, I’ll feature them once the anime starts! (Sorry!)
So far, we only know what kind of personalities they have but for other info such as why they end up wanting to aim idols or how they want to work as idols, I’ll share them with you along with my feedback of Episode 1 in this article! Look forward to it!
All right! This is all for today! I’ll see you all at the next article!
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