【Summer Anime 2021】Perfect tempo! Cute characters! Above all, the story is great! Love Live! Superstar!! The first episode was amazing!

Hi everyone!!! Did you watch the first episode of Love Live! Superstar!!? It was really interesting, and I cannot help introducing it in this article. It’s Nozaki from Doujin Republic!!
Personally speaking, I feel that Love Live! Superstar!! was the most interesting anime that started airing in July. It is just my opinion, but the first episode contains both a nostalgic feeling from the first season of Love Live! and also new charms. It was awesome!
……So, this time, to people who haven’t watch it yet and to people who want to review the series, I want to summarize the first episode of Love Live! Superstar!! as it is such an amazing story!! I really hope that this article can motivate you to start watching Love Live! Superstar!!

【Summer Anime 2021】
Perfect tempo! Cute characters! Above all, the story is great!
Love Live! Superstar!!
The first episode was amazing!

Is this type of main character rare?
This time, the main character is Shibuya Kanon-chan who is suffering from a setback.

It seems everyone has a set image of the main character of Love Live! - a girl who is outgoing, energetic, positive and is never discouraged by adversity.
However, this time, the main character of Love Live! Superstar!!, Kanon-chan is different. She is not good at singing in front of an audience even though she loves to sing!!
Kanon-chan applied to the music program at a newly established private school, Yuigaoka Girls High School. She was not accepted because she got too nervous to sing for the test. So she will have to go to the general program at Yuigaoka Girls High School. This is the beginning of the story.
She was not good at singing in front of an audience since she was in elementary school. If she cannot get accepted to the music program in the high school, she was thinking of giving up singing…… this is the first 5 min of the episode. She becomes hopeless. The story begins with her setback.

I want to join the School Idol group together!
Kanon-chan meets an international student from China, Tang Keke -chan!!

In Kanon-chan’s class, there was a girl who is a big fan of the School Idol, Tang Keke-chan. She happened to hear the singing voice of Kanon-chan in the back alley by chance. She tried to persuade Kanon-chan to join the School Idol group together.
Kanon-chan can sing freely and easily if there is no audience. So she thinks she is not cut out for the School Idol. She declined Keke-chan’s idea.
At this point, the story does not tell much information about the School Idol activity in the school. I feel it is quite different from other Love Live! series because it does not include things like other attractive rival groups or any other active members of the School Idol group.
After a while, Kanon-chan and Keke-chan meet with Hazuki Ren-chan. Ren-chan’s mother is the chairperson of their school. Ren-chan disagrees with having the School Idol activity because she thinks it does not fit into this school’s culture.
Kanon-chan wanted to say something back to Ren-chan, but she can’t do it because she is not a member of the School Idol group or anything. Kanon-chan concluded that joining the School Idol group is not for her even though she loves to sing.

Like to sing, not good for me…… but……!!

“Is there an end to trying to do your best at something you like to do? ”
Due to the fact that Kanon-chan was not accepted to the music program, she tries to give up singing and to find something new. However, Keke-chan does not want her to give up what she really likes to do. Keke-chan tries to support Kanon-chan.
Kanon-chan still does not think she can be a member of the School Idol group. She tries to find someone who can join it with Keke-chan, but no luck. Again, Keke-chan sincerely persuades her to join the School Idol group because Kanon-chan really loves to sing.
Again, Kanon-chan declined. She loves to sing but knows that she is not suitable for the School Idol. She does not want to feel disappointed in herself and make others feel that way as well.
Kanon-chan argued with Keke-chan. When she was almost about to leave, she re-started thinking about how she can answer Keke-chan’s words – loves Kanon-chan’s voice and wants to be a member of the School Idol group together.

Do not lie about your honest feeling of what you like.
Never give up!!
The story begins from here!!

“Is it really ok like this?
Kanon-chan asked herself – Finally she decided to say NO to giving up what she likes to do. She thinks “I do not want to be myself like this!”, “I want to sing, live up to expectations, and change myself!!!” Kanon-chan decided to pursue the road to be a member of the School Idol group with Keke-chan.
After Kanon-chan made up her mind, a white feather softly landed on her backpack. Yes! It is the white feather customarily found in the Love live! series. I was touched!!
The story begins with a girl’s setback. Then she changed her mind to overcome it. You cannot help cheering her on!!
The actual anime has great tempo and is easy to understand. The 30 min showtime passed by very quickly!!
I assume that there are only 5 members in the School Idol group because they were singing in the very end, but I wonder how the story developed. I cannot wait to see how it goes and keep an eye on it.
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The first episode was amazing and it made me think that is Love Live!! If you have not watched it yet, please try!! And keep watching it after the second episode as well. Personally, this is the best anime and I have no complaints. Interesting! Good tempo! Awesome characters!!
Alright - I will finish it here today. See you soon in the next article!
Bye for now!!!

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