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DEAD OR ALIVE is a work where we can enjoy beach valley on the seashore with cute girls in swimwear. (ノ´∀`*)!

(;`・ω・)I told a lie! That is not true!!!!!!!!!!!! DEAD OR ALIVE is a fighting game which is realistically made in 3D, and beautifully expressed characters are fighting each other there! (For your information, the one where you really can enjoy with girls who appear in DEAD OR ALIVE series on seashore, or DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune has been made actually and now on sale!)

The “DEAD OR ALIVE” is a huge world fighting competition held in the game. Players look for the hidden plan behind the “DEAD OR ALIVE” competition and monitor the truth through the characters you are playing with, which is the brief story.

Why I say “the brief story” is because this is originally a fighting game, and the story will be different depending on the character. This is one of the biggest attractive points of this game! (This doesn’t mean “IF development story”, but it means that we can see the other side!) Many kinds of characters are attending, such as someone who seriously tries to win in DEAD OR ALIVE, someone who secretly tries to kill the other attendees, someone who gets invited from the other world and involved suddenly… but this is the attractiveness of DEAD OR ALIVE!

(*`д´)σ=σI am sorry to tell you my personal comment… but this DEAD OF ALIVE has realistic and beautiful work! Compared to the other fighting games, the 3D-drawn characters are super realistic! The realistic and beautiful female characters are fighting with each other with their own legs and fists…! I cannot stand it! The actions they are falling down when they get damages are so realistic!

Talking of the representative female characters in this game, there are the main heroine of this whole series Kasumi, who is a Kunoichi (a female ninja), a pro-wrestler in the whole series Tina, who want to gets famous worldwide, and a genius Tai Chi player to get the strongest in the world Leifang etc.….Some ladies with different thoughts appear to defeat powerful men! They have different purposes, but they all fight with rivals sometimes, with friends sometimes, to move ahead and win DEAD OR ALIVE!

Also, this game has been achieved to get collaborated with other games recently! In the latest game 5, players can fight at the stage where a monster from Shingeki no Kyojin is, and Shiranui Mai as a character of another fighting game called THE KING OF FIGHTERS is also attending. I am sure this game will get more and more famous!

So, if you are asked if there is any interesting game, please answer “DEAD OR ALIVE”! This is popular enough to get the game 5 sold, so I am very confident to recommend this!

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