Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (冴えない彼女の育てかた)

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Aki Tomoya is a nerdy main character, who is a high school student while part-time working of newspaper delivery to earn money to get blu-ray discs of anime.

One day, when he is working as always, he meets a girl on a slope with cherry blossoms fluttering in the air.

Tomoya gets interested in the girl and came up with an idea to create a “Doujin*” game with her as the main heroine…After a month, it is revealed that she is Kato Megumi , who is his classmate, yet he didn’t know her name.
(*Doujin is a Japanese word, referring to amateur self-published works.)

Although they spent in the same class for a month, she does not have much of a presence, as he does not know her name…

To the girl, Tomoya says, “I will make you the main heroine to excite everyone!”.


Tomoya is just a nerdy guy who cannot illustrate or make a scenario.


He decides to invite 2 persons – One is a leading player in Art Club as well as an secretly nerdy Doujin illustrator, Sawamura Spencer Eriri. Another one is a senior student who is the most intelligent student in the year of the school, as well as a light novel writer, Kasumigaoka Utaha. This is how they genuinely start making a game in a club, with Comiket* participation in mind.
(*Comiket is an abbreviation of “Comic Market”, which is held in Tokyo Big Sight twice a year as the world-biggest Doujinshi fair.)

Can they really make a game about the plain girl as the main heroine?

“Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata” is full of youthful stories in dating out with Megumi, helping Eriri’s draft…helping Comiket, eventually to be aimed to be “the strongest gal game”! (・∀・`*)
I think that the attractiveness of this anime “Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata” is a mixture of the unique setting as “a boring heroine” as well as the way of describing the reality.

In other anime with many girls, they tend to be all beautiful girls and all unique.
However, this anime’s heroine Megumiis so normal!!! She is like a girl existing in this real world!

In anime, all the scenes are described pretty well in reaction, expression, and actions which a normal girl would do after falling in love with a boy.

For example, Tomoya and Megumi seem like they happened to meet each other in the third episode of this anime. But, actually, Megumi was planning to meet him after talking with Eriri and Utaha.

This is very what girls tend to do when girls want to get closer to their favorite boys on purpose accidentally♪

This anime has full of reality-like description that normal girls would do after thinking a lot when they get to like this kind of boys. I’m sure you will get excited and submerge yourself into this anime

Also, you will definitely feel like supporting Megumi as well as Eriri and Utaha, who are trying to bring passion into something they like. (●´д`●)

Everyone! Please check out this anime “Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata” ♪

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