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Yazawa Nico is famous for her “Nikkonikkoni~”, number 1 idol of the universe! (。・ω・)ノ

Nico has toooooooo many charm points to write down, but there are mainly two points!!!

First, she is consistent when it comes to being idol.

For example in the animation, even in summer she wears long sleeves not to be sunburned, or she always think somebody is looking at her as an idol.

Also, she a member of μ's, Kousaka Honoka said she wants to quit μ's, she first showed her anger. She chose to scold, not to cheer up because she is a professional of being idol, and she loves being idol more than anybody.

She experienced the failure of school idol club that she organized, so she is “ready” to be an idol. This is why I want to cheer her up (*^-゚)

I love Nico, because she “loves idol”, “wants to be idol”, and does her best to be an idol o(*^▽^*)o

Second, she shows how she is a lot.

For example in the animation, she shows how she is jealous to know a member ofμ's, Nishikino Maki, is rich, or posts on the website of μ's “It’s 10 years too early to become idol!”

Nico shows how she is and her emotions, and I think she is honest and I can sympathize her!

In the animation, she is often chattered by members or cunning, and she disappoints us a bit, but I thinkμ's owes to her consistent passion towards idols.

Usually, she is not like a senior, but when Honoka is in trouble, she shows her way saying “I will continue being idol because I like it!” This is what the adverb “speak with your back” means.

My favorite parole of Nico is “Idol’s job is not to show smile, but make people smile”.

When I see sincere Nico, I wish I could “make Nico smile”!!

Let’s cheer up Niconii, number one idol of the universe together ☆


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