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Boku no Hero Academia is a “super mainstream hero action” manga on Syonen Jump Weekly! If you like American comics, hero stories or manga with effort, friendship and victory, I would like to advise you to read! This is a popular manga which sold more than 3 million mangas in sum, and was animated in 2016!

In this world, everybody has a superpower “characteristic (Quirks)”! A lot of people can control gravity, make fire or become transparent all over the world

On the other hand, as some people are born with supernatural power, they become Villain, using Quirks in a bad way. And heroes with strong Quirks fight against those Villains.

Heroes who save people from Villains are one kind of occupation, and there exists a school U.A. High school (Yūei Kōkō), to become heroes.

…Although, the hero of this manga Midoriya Izuku born without Quirks, characteristic-less (Quirkless) boy. (20% of the population is Quirkless, but it is rare for a young generation to become Quirkless)

Izuku usually is a coward, but when somebody is in problem, he cannot stop helping. He has a sense of justice. He always admired heroes since he was little, and he wanted to become a hero by going to U.A. High School.

Izuku is called “Deku (meaning useless in Japanese)” by his friends, and laughed because he won’t be able to pass U.A. High School nor become a hero. Although he cannot stop dreaming to become a hero.

How will he become a hero? Please check it out in animation or in manga!

By the way, the alluring point of this manga is the conflict “justice VS villain”! personalities with various abilities and various ways of thinking appears, discuss abouts their ideas, and fight violently.

I especially like Uraraka Ochako-chan.

She is a cute girl with healing mood! Her reason to become a hero is “for money”. She thinks about her family, and decided to become a hero to protect her poor family.

She is so cute with healing mood, but when fighting she fights desperately, and stands up even hit several times. I want to cheer her up because she is strong and never gives up.

Boku no Hero Academia is an animation with gag, sad stories, battles and friendship too, of course! Please check the animation now!

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