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Kizuato* is an adult game sold in 1996 from Leaf.
(*Kizuato is a Japanese word, meaning “scar”.

The main character Kashiwagi Koichi is a university student. When his father passes away, to attend his funeral, he visits his cousins that are 4 sisters.

Since his university has a summer holiday at that time, he decides to stay in their house after the funeral. However, Koichi needs to suffer from nightmares every night.

The nightmare is about him crouching down on an unknown floor, and trying hard to stop his feeling like killing someone which occurs inside of him.

One day, Koichi sees a dream that he murdered public people with his violence power after losing his homicidal impulse. He thinks “the nightmare again”… but the next morning, he sees the news that there was a crazy murdering case in his close park.

Actually, the park is where he was getting crazy in his dream.
Is it me who did the crime?

The player moves the game ahead as Koichi and looks for the truth of the nightmare.

The girls appearing in this game is 4 sisters of Kashiwagi Chizuru, Kashiwagi Azusa, Kashiwagi Kaede, and Kashiwagi Hatsune.

By playing all the 4 persons’ routes, the mystery taken up in this game (the case and the whole view of the setting) is getting clear.

You will definitely get excited, as the whole mystery is getting clear after all the scenarios are passed.

This game is very good and deep with full of horrors, romances, and mystery!
Kizuato’s attractiveness if the big gap between the daily parts and the other scenes.

In the game, all the 4 sisters are attractive characters and you can enjoy the cuteness in the daily parts, while cruel crimes and assaulting scenes are described, which may be suitable for adults only.
I was very surprised with many cruel scenes when I played at the first time, but now I understand that you can feel a sense of achievement after all the scenarios are cleared and the mystery’s truth is revealed.

Moreover, you will get into the unique world of this game.

I haven’t seen other games like this which combine all the different factors well such as horror, suspense, romance……

Especially, I recommend the scenario of the oldest sister Chizuru.

She is a well-reliable girl taking care of sisters as a parent but in the meantime she is crazily bad at cooking, which is cute to me.

The setting as the cute eldest sister got the suspense factor combined, which made the scenario more than perfect and interesting.

Please try this Kizuato.

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