Arcana Heart (アルカナハート)

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Arcana Heart is a 2D arcade fighting game series. I would like to introduce a firstly-sold family game in the series, called “Arcana Heart FULL!”.

The game takes place in the imaginary world with an elemental alignment called “Holy Spirit” (Arcana), which only a pure heart girl “Saint” can feel.

The mysterious Arcana-related matters, which only some people can feel, are managed and solved by Holy Spirit Rosenberg Agency. Its head quarter is in the UK, and the members are trying to solve many matters working worldwide secretly.

One day, the British Holy Spirit Rosenberg Agency checks the abnormal change over the Misono Female Academy in the air but hides it to public. If this is not solved, the Kanto Plain will be destroyed in 8 days, and the situation will be really bad.

The girls going to the Misono Female Academy notice the abnormal change, while there are many characters such as someone who tries to stop the change, someone who just walks around town and gets into the change, and someone who tries to conquer the world by taking advantage of this change… It’s 7 days to go until the Kanto Plain falls down. What are the girls going to do in this situation…?

This game’s biggest feature is that all the characters are girls!

Many girls with full of MOE* factors are coming up, for example, wearing costumes of maids, sailor-styled school uniforms, a one-piece school swimwear, very short pants for P.E……
(*Moe is a Japanese word meaning “super cute” which is often used to describe cute young girls in anime by men.)

When it comes to fighting games, there are always characters like well-trained muscular ones and adult ones good at handling weapons… in this game of Arcana Heart, we can only see energetic girls who are not familiar with fighting games, because of the setting with pure heart school students! They are all cute and you will get relaxed by watching them!!

You may think “is this just a MOE game?” but it is not. The game system is very firm and interesting.

Personally, what I like most of this game is “we can choose Arcana from options”.

In this game, besides normal techniques and special techniques as the other fighting games, we can choose Holy Spirit called Arcana.

A player chooses a character as well as Arcana, which the same number of characters is prepared. This is how we can add each Arcana’s unique techniques and features to the selected character. (In other words, we can add your favorite supporting skill to your controlling character!)

For example, “Arcana of Love” is equipped with a missile and a laser. If you select them, a character that would not use a missile will use it as much as you want.

Depending on how you use Arcana, you can feel easy to fight. You will definitely get addicted to this game by making some interesting combinations.

This is a little bit complicated game, but I think even beginners will be able to enjoy it by just pressing buttons for continuous tricks and special tricks.

Please try and enjoy Arcana Heart series!

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