Go! Princess PreCure (Go! プリンセスプリキュア)

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The main character Haruno Haruka is a 1st-year junior high school student girl going to a full dormitory school called “Noble Academy”, where every student has a dream.

When she was little, she dreamed of becoming a princess.
She has been admiring a princess which tends to appear in books since she was little.

Some people would make fun of her if she talks about it, but she has been following this dream not to give up, with a promise of “not to give up my dream” with a boy Kanata in her childhood.

One day, her roommate Nanase Yui starts talking about each other’s dream.
Haruka thinks that Yui will laugh at Haruka if she says that she wants to be a princess, so Haruka runs away from the place.

After running away, she meets an elderly brother fairy Pafu and a younger sister fairy Aroma.
As Haruka listens to them, an enemy Close suddenly appears.

His purpose is to create a monster called Zetsuborg as a weapon to run down the fairies.
To create Zetsuborg, what he needs to do is to lock people’s dream and change it to despair.

The first target to be chosen to lock the dream is Haruka’s roommate Yui.

Haruka sees that her friend is about to be beaten and gets angry.

At the time, the charm which Kanata gave Haruka before, or “Dress Up Key” starts shining.

When Aroma sees this, she feels “Haruka may have a potential to be the successor of Princess PreCure”, and gives a perfume to change herself to be PreCure, “Princess Perfume” to Haruka.

What will Haruka be, who transforms to Princess PreCure?
Save the world by becoming Princess PreCure! The girls’ story is drawn well.

Go! Princess PreCure is one of the most popular works in Pretty Cure Series.
I saw the anime and got surprised at the high level of completion.

For example, the last part of the anime has a story about how PreCure girls grow up.

As the anime goes on, Haruka, as well as the other 3 girls going to the same Noble Academy, appear and each of them is transforming to PreCure to fight devils.

The story where every girl is featured is described in 2 stories for each girl at the last part of the anime.
There are also stories to focus on each appearing PreCure girl in the other Pretty Cure Series, but this work has 2 stories for each girl so has deeper explanation described very carefully.

I got moved so much when I was able to see how each PreCure has grown up!

Also, not only 4 PreCure girls but also the enemies as well as Yui are focused on, which was just more than perfect.

With the main theme of “dream”, girls are trying to aim their dream in this anime, Go! Princess PreCure.
Everyone should have a look!

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