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BAYONETTA is an action game sold in 2009, for Xbox 360 as well as PlayStation3.

The game takes place in a fictional European rural place called Vigrid.

At the place 500 years ago, there were a lot of tribes called witches and sages.
However, people who got worries about the witches’ power did witch-hunting. As the result, all the tribes of witches and sages disappeared and they are gone from the history.

Now is 500 years later. A witch BAYONETTA was re-alive somewhere from a coffin sunk at the bottom of a fountain 20 years ago.

She doesn’t remember anything like her characteristic or her name, but she still remembers that she is a witch.

In the meantime, who was waiting for BAYONETTA arriving at Vigrid with her little memory is “angels” invading her as if they want to stop her coming, which makes her remember her past again.

What is her destiny…? What is waiting for her later?
Let’s find BAYONETTA’s past in stylish and sexy way!!!

BAYONETTA is an action game only focusing on battling.
If you hear it’s a stylish action game, you may imagine “Devil May Cry”. Actually, it is very like that, and BAYONETTA is very stylish in both attacking and escaping!
Depending on the player, totally different ways of battling can be seen with various techniques!

You may feel this game is difficult with many techniques, but the good point of this game is that you can practice them in loading periods waiting for chapter changes.

Thanks to this, you can see commands and remembers many kinds of techniques while loading, which is one of the features of this game.

Also, there is an action called “Witch Time”, which enables you to avoid from enemies’ attack at the last minute.
With this action, the surrounding can move very slowly, and you can find enemies’ attacking points. Also, it is very interesting when you could avoid the enemies’ attacking with this action.
Especially, when you could attack back after avoiding their attack, it’s so awesome! (How the battle ends with the finishing technique is also super good! You might be able to see something sexy to finish with, depending on the enemy!)

Once you cleared all the game, there will be “a bonus”, which BAYONETTA lovers can’t resist. If you are wondering about the bonus, please try the game☆

This is one of my strongly recommended games for the people who love action games focusing on battling! You better play the game BAYONETTA♪

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