[Hentai] GRANBLUE FANTASY (グランブルーファンタジー)

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GRANBLUE FANTASY is a social game for smartphones, open in public since 2014.

The world in the game consists of islands floating in the air, and players can feel like traveling in the air, so this is a serious RPG game.

On a small island called Zinkenstill, the main character (player) has grown up with his partner dragon, dreaming of an adventure to a legendary island existing at the end of the air. However, on the departure day from his hometown, a girl Lyria, who was chased by a military powering country Erste Empire, and her guardian Catalina are appearing in front of the main character. The main character gets insured seriously to protect Lyria.

The main character is still able to survive.
Actually, Lyria has a strong power ruling “Primal beasts”, and the power saves his life.

“Primal beasts” is a strong self-movable weapon ruled by “The Astrals”, governing the world with a huge power.

Although people in the star are gone after the battles against Skydwellers, “Primal beasts” are still sleeping somewhere.

Lyria ruling the strong self-movable weapon was protected (or actually used) by the empire.
This is how the main character and Lyria, who wanted to escape from the empire with the partner dragon, decide to fly toward the legendary island together.

Spectacular fantasy stories with floating islands! This is the game of GRANBLUE FANTASY.

Before playing this game, I had an impression to RPG games that they need money and time to collect strong characters and raise their statuses. However, in this GRANBLUE FANTASY, the battling system was made very carefully and surprising.

You will feel like a real main character traveling the adventure in the game because you need to play the game with understanding each character’s role in terms of both nurturing and battling, so it won’t get too simple.

This game’s biggest attractive point is that you have to think and play, not just click on buttons!

Also, in the app, there are several contents including 5 cell manga.
You can know the characters from a different perspective from the game and enjoy it!

In 2015, it was published that this game will become an anime, and GRANBLUE FANTASY is surely becoming more and more popular!

Install the app of GRANBLUE FANTASY on your smartphone, and the spectacular adventure will start.

Why don’t you hit the road of this adventure together?

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