GIRLS-und-PANZER (ガールズ&パンツァー)

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At the world of GIRLS-und-PANZER, “Sensha-dou” (fictional martial art that develop the skill to drive tanks magnificently) is the kind of Yamato accomplishment like tea ceremony and flower arrangement. It is said that women can be emotionally and physically healthy by mastering Sensha-dou.

A main character, Nishizumi Miho, comes of a prestigious family of the Sensha-dou. She was shocked at an accident in a match of Sensha-dou, so she transferred to Oarai girls’ school that doesn’t do Sensha-dou.

Soon after her transfer, the president of school association at Oarai girls’ school pressured her to take the class of Sensha-dou as elective required subject, and to entry National Sensha-dou cup. (ノд・。)

In fact, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology demands high school and university all over Japan to put a great deal of effort toward world Sensha-dou cup that would be held in Japan in a few years.therfore, Oarai girls’ school has to incorporate class of Sensha-dou into the curriculum again.

Nishizumi Miho who transferred to Oarai girls’ school to quit Sensha-dou declined to take the class of Sensha-dou, but she decided to take class because of the pressure from school association and persuasion by her friend, Takebe Saori. (*^_^*)

Isuzu Hana: daughter at the main branch of family of flower arrangement, Takebe Saori: loving to love, Akiyama Yukari: enthusiastic to tanks, Reizei Mako: non morning person

And Nishizumi Miho do Sensha-dou with individualistic members as “team anko”. What is her destiny? And can she overcome her trauma.?

GIRLS-und-PANZER is animation that drawing their youthfulness. (゚▽゚*)

In the animation, I sense producers’ enthusiastic from detailed movie and sound.

They stick to produce realistic animation. I am sure that audiences will be astonished by their realistic reproduction such as the sound of going on deck, sound of explosion, shake of iron bridge, and crack in the ground. You will feel that real tanks is driving. o(*'o'*)o

Furthermore, each characters has personality and charming. 32 people appear in the team of Oarai girls’ school that main character Miho belongs to. But every member display their own originality.

GIRLS-und-PANZER is not only good at characters’ loveliness, but also friendship, sports, and growth through story… I am sure that audience will be moved by this animation. (@゚ー゚@)ノ

“GIRL-und-PANZER in the movie” was shown in November, 2015 all over Japan. Please watch animation and movie of GIRLS-und-PANZER.

“Garupan wa iizo” !!!!!

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