Himōto! Umaru-chan (干物妹! うまるちゃん)

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Beautiful, clever and good at sports! Doma Umaru is a perfect girl that everyone envies (●´д`●)

So she is always on the gossip!! She receives many presents on birthday, because she is popular among everyone!!!

But! The perfect appearance is only outside…

When she comes back to her apartment where she lives with her brother, she is deformed (the body is as large as her head), wears a hamster-like hood, crunches junk foods and pass the time over watching animation, playing games or doing the Internet.

Yes, she actually is a dried-woman*!!

  • Dried-woman means woman who gave up love and wants to do nothing and pass the day irresponsibly. For example, she will wear jersey without make up, her hair is not combed and pass the day not doing anything special.

The dried-woman Umaru doesn’t do housework! Nor cleaning up!

She asks her brother who works to prepare food, cleaning up the room and washing clothes. She becomes fretful like a child to let him buy games and mangas. She is a perfectly spoiled child.

The himōto (dried-woman little sister) Umaru, a kind and nervous brother who takes care of her, and Umaru’s classmates are the main personalities of this daily life comedy! This is animation “Himōto! Umaru-chan” (*ゝ∀・*)ノ

I will introduce you the attractive points of Himōto! Umaru-chan, the animation of peaceful daily life ♪

1. The personalities such as Umaru are unique and funny!!

As the story goes on, the relationship among friends will be developed gradually; Ebina Nana lives alone in the same apartment as Umaru and is in love with him, Motoba Kirie seems to be a bad girl because of her eyesights but actually is a fan of Umaru, Tachibana Sylphynford considers Umaru as her rival and wants to fight with her, etc.

In the animation, unique members creates the comedy speedily, so you should laugh out loud.

It is an animation that the daily life goes on slowly and there are not so many ups and downs, but those who need to be healed will like this animaation !

2. Among all, Umaru is cute!!!!!!!!

She is little sister selfish and good at fawning, like making her brother buy manga, let him make a line of rock-paper-scissor-competition to win a goods,

or being angry with her sister who forgot the promise one week ago to play the game together, and she loves her brother than anybody else!!!!

As she is meek, mild and fawning to her brother, I understand a bit why her brother does everything for her. Girls who are good at fawning are cute, aren’t they? ♪

The animation with laughter! And moe! Himōto! Umaru-chan! Please check it out~

\UMR! Yeah! UMR! Yeah! Not UMA but Umaru!!!/

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