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Tokyo 7th Sisters is a smartphone application game.

This game takes place in AD 2034, called “the era of the idol ice age”.

“The time for idols is over”.

At the same time, a player stands up as the second manager of the next generation’s idol theater-styled studio, or “777 (Three Seven) aka Nanastar”.

“If idols are over, we just make new idols”.

The player nurtures new idols and enhances their values in this game.

Now, we have a lot of games to nurturing idols, and you may think “idols again?”.

So, I would like to share with you guys the attractive features of Tokyo 7th Sisters!

Firstly, the characters appearing in this story speak fully!

The game Tokyo 7th Sisters’ main part is the members of the idol unit “777☆SISTERS”.

However, the other idols also try hard not to lose the members of “777☆SISTERS”.

The good thing is that each character is featured well, as one of this game’s attractive points.

When you collect cards, you may have a concern not to be able to get your favorite characters, but I am sure you will enjoy more and more as you can communicate with them in the story!

The second feature is the songs.
Tokyo 7th Sisters has good songs as many young composers were appointed!!

Personally, I love the song of “bokura wa aozora ni naru (we become a blue sky)”! I can get courage if I listen to this when I fail something and am about to fall down. I think wonderful songs with full of their passions to their dreams can push listeners’ back kindly.

The third feature is the characters.
They are crazily characteristic!

Kasukabe Haru, who says “I hate idols” from her past setback.
Serizawa Momoka, who is an anime nerd and often says “I can’t be bothered”.
Kamishiro Sui, who suffers from androphobia and tries to punch the manager (player) when touched.

Like these… many unique girls appear and get the game more enjoyable.

At first, I was perplexed at their characteristics and worried if I could nurture them well, but I got addicted to them as I continue playing the game.

Why don’t you play Tokyo 7th Sisters and look for the girls’ dream together as the manager?

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