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Danganronpa is an adventure mystery video game whose theme is a murder game that high school students kill each other in an enclosed space.

It was originally released as a PSP game “Danganronpa” series. It’s a popular series that spin-off games and special novel were also released, and then it was made into TV anime, stage play and real escape game!

Here is the promise of the series.

“Students kill each other in an enclosed space.”
“When someone is killed, they have a Class trial and find out who is the murderer.”

(Spin-off and special episodes don’t follow this promise.)

In the first and second game, a cute mascot called Monokuma confines the students to an enclosed space and tell them “If you kill someone, I will set you free.” Of course, the students don’t accept his offer at first, but he threatens them in many ways. Some of the students’ family and lovers are taken hostage, some of them are afraid of being expose their important secrets, and some of them are blinded by the lure of lucre. And they finally start murder because of such reasons.

The first series has many ultimate students (Super High School Level: talented high school students) including the main character Naegi Makoto-kun, Kirigiri Kyouko, Maizono Sayaka and Togami Byakuya and they try to survive the severe murder game.

The main character of the second series is Hinata Hajime-kun, and unique characters like Nanami Chiaki and Komaeda Nagito try the murder game that Monokuma begins.
The first one was made into a TV anime, but the second one hasn’t! However, the third was made into a TV anime, so people tend to skip the second one… PLEASE! Please watch the first TV anime and then play the second game! You should be impressed by the thrilling murder game itself and the moment they see through the lie! It was animated and is getting popular again now. Check out such a great series Danganronpa!

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