Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya (プリズマ☆イリヤ)

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Illya sviel von Einzbern is this anime’s main character. Illya is just a normal girl.

One night, when she is taking a shower, a magical Kaleidostick is suddenly flying over from the sky.

The name of the magical Kaleidostick is Ruby, and the nickname is Ruby-chan.
It is a mysterious speaking stick because the stick has a spirit of a dead person.

Originally, a magician Rin Tohsaka owned the stick.
However, the stick went away to wander around from Rin, because Rin was fighting with another magician rival Luviagelita Edelfelt.

That is how the stick is looking for a new owner after Rin.

The stick or what is called Ruby-chan forces Illya to make a contract and become a magician.

When Illya is perplexed to be forced to be a magician suddenly, the original owner Rin is coming up in front of Illya.

Actually, Rin and her rival Luviagelita are coming to this town to collect what is called “Class Cards”, known as dangerous cards with the spirits of dead soldiers.

Illya is also asked to help them to collect the Class Cards.

At the time, the other magician Luviagelita takes a magician Miyu Edelfelt, who newly makes a contract with the stick which Luviagelita used to have.

In order to collect Class Cards, it is required to win the spirits of dead soldiers, and Illya and Miyu are going to fight with them…?

This work is derived from Fate Series, and people who know Fate Series will be able to enjoy the difference between this and the serious Fate Series. Also, even if you don’t know them, this work will be enjoyable too as a magician anime.

The story is mainly about growing friendship between Illya and Miyu, as well as battling with magic. Although we get an impression about a traditional magician girls’ anime, this is very interesting with comedy elements.

The magical stick Ruby-chan is malicious enough to call Rin “the old lady”, and Illya says something fair to the strange stick…
You can see Illya’s enjoying smiles a lot which we cannot see in the serious Fate Series!
(I feel that Fate’s IVA and Carnival Phantasm are very similar, but this anime doesn’t have those much joking…)

You will definitely get into the battling scenes, as the pictures are very beautiful and appealing!

The anime has been broadcasted until the third season, so please have a look!

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