Dagashi Kashi (だがしかし)

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The main character Shikada Kokonotsu, who lives in a very countryside of a peninsula in Japan, is a first-year high school student boy dreaming of being a manga cartoonist.
However, his family owns a business of selling Dagashi-snacks* at a shop, so Kokonotsu’s father Shikada You hopes like “I want my son to succeed our shop in the future”.
(*Dagashi is a snack made from rough sugar and multi-grains, mainly produced for kids. We can buy them for 5 yen or 10yen!!)

One day, when Kokonotsu is working at the shop, a daughter of a big snack company’ president, Sidare Hotaru suddenly visits the shop of “Shikada Dagashi”. (*'o'*)
After meeting, Hotaru starts asking questions like “what is the best Dagashi?”, and talking about her love to Dagashi…
Actually, Hotaru’s father is a big snack company’s president, and she comes there to get Kokonotsu’s father You to work together and negotiate it!

HOWEVER*, You decline this offer saying, “until my son Kokonotsu succeeds our shop, I cannot leave here”.
After discussion between Hotaru and You, it is concluded that You will be glad to go and work for the snack company if Kokonotsu feels like succeeding the snack shop.
(*“However” can be translated into “Daga-Shikashi” into Japanese, which is the same sound with this manga title.)

Since the day, Hotaru tries very hard to get Kokonotsu to decide it. (・ω・´●) This is the anime “Dagashi Kashi” of laughing comedy, about Kokonotsu, Hotaru, and other characters eating Dagashi, and playing around together! ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

The attractiveness of this anime “Dagashi Kashi” is such a unique story I think ★

The characters eat Dagashi together, and Hotaru talks about the love to Dagashi, which mostly occupies the story! It is a bit strange anime…
It is very interesting that Dagashi is introduced from a unique perspective. (*ゝ∀・*)ノ
Dagashi (for kids but cheap and tasty snacks) existed since 1711, filled with our memories because most of the Japanese have eaten once in childhood.
I don’t think that many people have thought of Dagashi deeply or how to eat Dagashi seriously.

However! Hotaru enthusiastically talks about it from a unique perspective.
For example, she has a strong spirit such as introducing another way to eat the existing Dagashi more deliciously, making a good guess of Dagashi without seeing, and trying very hard for Dagashi!!

You will definitely feel like trying Hotaru's special and unique way of eating Dagashi! Also, I think you will be in love with her if you see her show the way in anime, which is super cute! (/pωq/)

Can Hotaru’s dream of making the best snack maker in the world come true??
Can she head-hunt You to the snack company???
I am looking forward to seeing how the story progresses!!
Please watch the anime “Dagashi Kashi”♪

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