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Love Live Series is a generic name of series about student girls getting together in a unit as an idol group called “School Idol”!

Love Live Series has released the first work “Love Live” and the second work “Love Live Sunshine” so far, and currently “Love Live Sunshine” hits screens!

“Love Live” is a story that after the girls knew their school will be closed in a few years, Kousaka Honoka’s leading unit “μ's” attends and aims to win a school idol event called “Love Live” to raise the profile of the school.

On the other hand, “Love Live Sunshine” is a story that Takami Chika, who got inspired by “μ's” succeeding in “Love Live”, was trying to rejuvenate her small school with less than 100 students by making a school unit, “Aqours”!

It sounds like a very simple story, but both Kousaka Honoka and Takami Chika didn’t get people around themselves to understand what the school idol is, and have a lot of difficulties until making the units.

Especially in “Love Live”, the long-cherished “μ's” started with only 3 members including Kousaka Honoka. Also, their first live got only one audience. However, Honoka-Chan ’s perseverance was not broken, and she “achieved” their first live together with Minami Kotori-Chan and Sonoda Umi-Chan! The song they sang is “START-DASH!!”, which is my favorite song, and I strongly feel that this song is the origin of “μ's”!! Honoka-Chan, you did it!!!

“Let’s do it! At our full power!! We have been trying for this!”

They didn’t give up this word, and “μ's” finally won Love Live, which is how their popularity is spread by word of mouth, as a legendary unit…

After this, Takami Chika, who got inspired by “μ's”, is trying to make a unit and saying “Let’s make our school lively like theirs”! First of all, Watanabe You-Chan joins her group, and more and more members should be added too… “5 members are the minimum number to start a new club”, Kurosawa Dia-Chan said! (I cannot introduce here, but I love Yoshik…Yohane-Chan! Exactly ††Fallen Angel†† coming from heaven!) Well, Can Chika-Chan collect 5 members at first…!

We can’t still take our eyes off from Love Live Series! Let’s check anime of “Love Live”, the movie, and “Love Live Sunshine”!!!

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