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This series is set in a family restaurant called Wagnaria located somewhere in Hokkaido. The main character, Takanashi Souta started working part-time at Wagnaria.

He was enthusiastic about his new part-time job on the first day. However, a lazy nominal manager who doesn’t work earnestly, an androphobic waitress Inami and other strange staff made him bewildered.

But a ray of hope was there…!! It was his senior, Popura. Takanashi-kun is a kink who loves small and cute things like water fleas. (“Kink” might be too strong… But I think his love and behavior for smaller things are abnormal…) He introduces himself as “mini-con” which is someone who is obsessive about things that is smaller than him.

In addition, Takanashi-kun is a lolicon that he considers women over 12 years old are hags. Although Popura is a year older than him, he was attracted by her because she is so short and he decided to work for Wagnaria. This kink (I mean Takanashi-kun) often cross-dresses (because of his family reasons.) When he is in a woman’s guise is called the most beautiful girl in this manga, and even make customers give him a good reputation. Yes, he IS cute(^ω^)

But my favorite is Inami-san. She is a slender high-school girl, but she has an impulse to punch any man regardless of age because she is androphobic. (Besides, her punch looks so hard.) Takanashi-kun is often punched by her. I envy him(´ω`*)Her androphobia is so extreme that she punchs even male snowmen(`Д´) She is so strong that she can easily destroy walls and utility poles. Inami-san might defeat a gorilla without any effort… but actually, she is really really cute. She wears a hairpin in her short hair and has tiny boobs… She is generally a pretty girl, so a gap between her cuteness and violence should attracts many people! (´ω`*)Ah, and she has “no boobs (queens of tiny boobs)” rather than has “tiny boobs.”

According to the comic writer, she gave Inami-san tiny boobs because she wants Inami-san to overcome a criff. Honestly, I can’t understand what she means, but this is it because the writer says so(`Д´) Inami-san got a runaway popularity at a popularity poll! Viva, our Inami-san! I’m sure there are many men who want to be punched by her!! Of course, I want to!! (^ω^) This manga made a new type of moe called Bokodere which means you like to be punched and apologizedヽ(・∀・)ノ

Is Japan ok…?

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