Kousaka Honoka

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Kousaka Honoka is a 2nd grade student of Otonokizaka high school, who is always active and has a nice smile (*^_^*)

Her parents hold a Japanese sweets shop “Homura”, and she has a sister 2 years younger than her called Yukiho. Members of μ's, Sonoda Umi and Minami Kotori are her friends since a long time☆

Her Hobby is swimming and collecting seals. She is good at finding money on the ground.

She is cheerful, joyful, and she is the leader and producer of μ's! Most of the time she acts due to her instinct, but she is forward-looking and wants to challenge new things, which moveμ's forward!

Honoka’s main allure is that she has both “forward-looking character and grown-up’s character”, in my opinion!

I’ve thought that she was always happy and cheered up everybody.

But at the first series of animation, number 12 and 13, she is disappointed.

She decided to “retireμ's”, but I was moved to see her overcoming it for 3rd grades who are leaving the school…

She is not only smily and cute! You should be moved by her kindness for her friends and her sense of responsibility as leader ofμ's o(;△;)o

And sometimes she shows a face like a grown-up and makes my heat beat!!!

Yes, this is “gap-moe” (love for unusuality)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honoka is childish, for not being able to multiply or tossing about in her sleep, but she givesboth good and bad impact to the others.

As she grows up and becomes more attractive, Honoka fixes our attention. Let’s cheer this forward-looking girl, who always make efforts!

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