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(・8・) < Honoka-Chan!

Minami Kotori is a member of μ’s, 2nd grade in high school, fashionable and she goes well with maid dress (personally I think.)

She makes people laugh by her funny attitude and soft, and doesn’t like competitions or quarrels. She is kind. She takes care of Honoka-Chan and Umi-Chan, her old friends, and when they decided to start μ’s, she didn’t hesitate to joint it! (Her hobby is to create and to wear cute costumes, so she wanted to create costumes for the group, maybe…)

Unlike Umi-Chan and Maki-Chan’s strong voice, her singing voice is at high note and soft, you can feel the “heal”! Her solo song, “Bull~belly train” is full of her allure! If somebody asks you how Kotori-Chan is, let him/her listen to this song! It is a cute song of a girl thinking about her fist date! He or she will surely like her! (Personally, I advise you to listen to UNBALANCED LOVE!)

What is she doing in the animation? Her main job is designing and creating costumes for each songs! Usually, a high school student cannot do this easily! Of course, it is not only her that does everything! During the stay for training, everybody thinks of costumes, and how to create costumes that goes well with the songs from a small budget. Her passion and talent of creating costumes is so great that there was an offer from a school of fashion abroad to come and study. (She actually goes and study abroad, which occurs an incident…)

She seemed not to be active, but at the latter half in 2nd series she said,

“I want to stick to what we decided and what we want to do. Sometimes we get lost, but it is never useless. If we all unite and fulfill each role, a beautiful future should be waiting for us”

She showed that she had a strong will inside, and I love this scene. Her way of talking was soft, but her strength won’t break.

“Don’t forget to smile.”

I have always loved this phrase… Again, she is an attractive personality!!!! Please be healed by her!! It won’t take long until you love her, because she is great!!!

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