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If we choose a girl who is the most intelligent and often composing songs, she is Nishikino Maki. (。・ω・)ノ゙

Maki is a doctor’s daughter and aiming for a doctor to succeed her family’s hospital!
That’s why she is very intelligent, and her specialty is to get full scores at tests!!!!!

She can play the piano and has superior music sense♪

In anime, Honoka watches Maki singing in a music room and invites her to join their school idol club.

Since Maki is a cool and not trying to get on well with the people around, she declines the offer to join the school idol club but decided to join it after sending her song anonymously, based on Nozomi’s advice to “support them secretly”, who Maki happens to know. (゚▽゚*)♪

Maki is such a perfect girl! But, her most attractive point is her Tsundere* character!!
(*Tsundere is a Japanese word, meaning “sometimes cold, sometimes lovely”.)

Normally Maki is cold and doesn’t show her feeling much, but she actually cares for friends so much!!!

For example, when Hanayo, who is not confident of herself in the anime, says to Maki, “I want you to join the school idol club instead of me” with her composing skill, Maki decides to have a voice training to Hanayo, so that Hanayo will be courageous enough to join the club.

I really got impressed by a scene that, although Maki hates communicating with others and alone in the school too, she got moved by Hanayo’s straightforward feeling and decides to help her…

Also, there is a scene that Maki says “you are my friend” with her smile to Nozomi, who is still concerned even after joining μ's.

Maki’s pure and kind appearance to make Nozomi’s idea come true is very attractive and I’m sure you will feel like supporting her. (●´ω`●)
We can’t miss her trying to find her place in μ's from somewhere lonely at school, and growing herself…!!

Maki is very cute, as she meets and joins members ofμ's and becomes being true to her own feeling…!!!!

The continuously shining idol! Let’s support Maki together. (〃⌒∇⌒)ゞ

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