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Hoshizora Rin is the most sportive in μ's, and she is good at hurdle and soccor (o^∇^o)ノ

At the second series of animation, even the rivals A-RISE say “Rin is top at sport among all school idols”, yes, she really is strong!!!

Her favorite food is ramen. She likes cats. She often says “nya” in the end of the phrase in the animation (^・ω・^)

She is the best friend of Koizumi Hanayo, another member of μ's.

I will introduce you Rin, the forward-looking and energetic sports girl!

First, she is childish and cute.

For example, in the animation she imitates even if it is not so good, or when a member of μ's, Yazawa Nico, first showed a performance “Nikko nikko niii”, other members all kept quiet but Rin said the truth; “Is it really funnyaaaa?”, etc. You can see those kind of childish behavior a lot (^▽^)/

I think Rin is cute for her unrestrained character ♪

Second, for most of the time she is boyish, but not sometimes.

For example in the animation, she cries for not willing to climb a mountain.

Even Rin, who is good at sports, has weak points. I am sure your heart will beat seeing how she is cute!

Also, she was teased in elementary school when she wore a skirt, and she doesn’t like skirt since then. Although, she will succumb in the animation!

Afterwards, she sometimes wears skirt for training, and she is so cute (*´∇`*)

You will be moved by how Rin is girlish☆

Let’s speak out loud! “Rin-chan you’re so cute nyaaa★”!!

Let’s cheer up Rin, the boyish and cute girl♪

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