Sonoda Umi

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Sonoda Umi is an old friend of Kousaka Honoka-chan, the heroin, in kyudo club and takes charge of the lyrics! She is in 2nd grade of high school!

Her image color is blue, just like her cool character. She is serious and practices more than others. In the training camp, she rather practices than playing. She is attractive because she makes much effort!

In the animation, she is both in kyudo club and school idol club, and more μ's activity becomes harder, more her charm point appears!

Her first cute point is that she actually is a shy girl! She never said to anybody, but she wants to be idol, but she is too shy to stand on the stage, too shy to wear cute costumes, and too shy to watch love comedy films! She usually doesn’t seem to be shy, but sometimes she hesitates! At 8th story of 2nd series, you can see how shy she is! 9 members try and error to compose a love song… And Umi-chan is cute among them! Honoka-chan and Kotori-chan ask her “Haven’t you ever fall in love?!”, and Umi-chan almost cries. So cute!

Personally, her second cute point is her singing voice! I like her songs “Soldier Game” and “Anemone Heart”, because her voice is strong! Her voice is at lower tone than otherμ's members, so you can easily find her voice even among 9 members! Her voice is stable, beautiful and cool! Especially Japanese traditional sound goes well with her voice, so please listen to her songs! I recommend you “Soldier Game” and “Anemone Heart”, of course!

Umi-chan is one of the first members of μ's. She doesn’t like silly things or not serious things. When the leader, Honoka-chan, said she wanted to do school idol, she understood her passion and supported μ's until the final live. As she is clumsy and shy, you will take time to understand her attractive points. Although, when you see her allure, you will be charmed!

(*>v<)ノLove Arrow Shoot------♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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