Koizumi Hanayo

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Koizumi Hanayo is a member of μ’s, she loves rice and she has glasses!

She is the best friend of Hoshizora Rin, another member of μ’s!

Her hobby is drawing pictures, and she is good at origami. Her favorite food is rice.

She is extremely nervous, and when she is in a panic, she often says “somebody help meeee” in the animation.

Although, she is very hot about idol, because she has always wanted to be!!!

Hanayo first hesitated to be an idol because she was shy, but Rin cheered her up to come to μ’s, and she gradually became confident of herself and became forward-looking (@^▽゜@)

I will introduce you the charm points of soft and cute Hanayo!!!!!

First, she makes effort for what she loves. In the animation, she speaks a lot about idols that she loves.

If you see her making efforts will all her best, you cannot stop cheering her up.

Hanayo is shy and not confident of herself, but she encourages herself to realize her dream. It moves me…!

Second, she cares about her friend a lot. For example, Rin says in the animation “I won’t wear wedding dress because I’m not girlish.”, nevertheless she wants to wear, and she smiles.

Then, Honayo takes action just like when Rin cheered her up to join school idols.

Hanayo, who was shy and crybaby, showed me how she grew up, and I cried (;△;)

It is touching to see her trying her best for her friend…!!!

Keep your eyes on Hanayo, who is sincere and makes efforts passionately to become a school idol!!!

Let’s cheer up Hanayo, who loves eating rice!

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