Sister Princess (シスター・プリンセス)

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Sister Princess’s original version was a novel with pictures on “Dengeki G’s magazine”, and now it developed to manga, TV animation and games.

One big brother has 12 little sisters, and what will happen if everybody “loves big brother”? This marvelous story made it popular.

In the original version, TV animation version and game, the stories are a little different, so you can enjoy them as different stories.

For example in the original version, the big brother and the little sisters live apart and they can only meet each other on “big brother day”, and the other days they contact each other by letters or at emails. On the other hand, in the animation, the big brother and the little sisters live together.

I would like to introduce you the TV animation version.

The hero, Minakami Wataru is an intelligent boy who gets the best score in an elite cram school. Although he made a mistake in mark sheet at the entrance exam, so he couldn’t enter a famous private school.

Being sad, there were another bad news. Jiiya (Japanese nickname for a butler) who took care of him suddenly said “I promised to take care of you until graduation of junior high school”, and he became alone.

He missed the exam and the family too… Wataru was in the dark, and mysterious men in dark clothes appeared in front of him.

They told him “he passed the entrance to Stargazer Hill Academy”, and he was forced to move to “Promised Island”, where the academy is.

When he went to the house introduces by the real estate company, there were 12 girls. They suddenly said they were sisters of him. Above those 12, there was a girl called Mami, who pretends to be a sister of him. What will happen to Wataru, who is going to live with 13 girls?
Sister Princess is an animation of the daily life of cule 12 little sisters, Mami and Wataru!

In the animation, each story has one episode, so you can start watching easily.

Every sister likes the hero, but it is not love and the slow daily life is described. Watching the animation, you will want to have these kind of sisters for sure.

I especially like Kaho-chan.

She is sometimes clumsy and stupid, but she is in cheer leading club so that she could cheer her brother up. She is a brave gile and likes her brother.

Watching her training hard, even though she is clumsy, she will give you energy and you will want to cheer her up.

Of course there are many cute sisters, not only Kaho-chan, so please watch Sister Princess!

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