Zero no Tsukaima (ゼロの使い魔)

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The main character is a high school boy Hiraga Saito.

One day, he is invited to another world called Hallucigenia as a Familiar, where swords and magic are used normally.

The person who asked Saito to come is a girl going to Tristain Academy of Magic, Louise.
She is a daughter from a famous aristocracy, while she is not able to use magic at all. Therefore, she is also known as “Louise of Zero”.
She often misses saying the correct magical words during lessons and they ended up with explosion…
Such a poor girl successfully summons the Familiar, who is Saito.

Saito is suddenly summoned from our human world to the different world where magic exists.
His tragedy does not end here yet. Actually, he kisses Louise as a proof of the contract and needs to live in the Tristain Academy of Magic as Louise’s Familiar.

What will happen to Saito after becoming her Familiar…?
In anime, such an exciting student life among Louise and other girls going to Tristain Academy of Magic as well as Saito is described well.

This work’s attractiveness is that of course, Louise’s Tsundere* is too cute!
(*Tsundere is a Japanese word, meaning “sometimes cold, sometimes lovely”.)

Louise does not think of the one who is accidentally summoned, Saito, in a good way.
She asks Saito to keep his foods on the floor and eat them and asks him to take care of everything with her. Those Louise’s violence is described.

Not only her, Saito also gets carried away in the different world and does things carelessly.

However, Louise is still kind enough to care Saito.

In anime, the two of them are considering each other more and more as they spend time, which is carefully drawn.
There are many kissing scenes of Louise and Saito, but we know that they are getting closer so watching them makes me feel good.

Not only the characters, but also the romantic story, Saito liked by many girls, and battles with magic are all well-described so it is worth watching.

This anime has been broadcasted until season 4, you guys must watch this!

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