Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (天元突破グレンラガン)

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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is an original anime broadcasted in 2007.

If I need to describe Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann briefly… it is a work about the main character Simon’s lifetime story from a shy boy to an adult man!

This story takes place in the far future.
Human beings spend hundreds of years digging holes to live under the ground, having farm animal, and feeling scared by often-happened earthquakes and dropping grounds.

The main character Simon is also one of them.
He is living in the village called Jiiha and is always digging holes every day which he is good at in order to expand his village.

On the other hand, Simon’s senior guy Kamina believes that there must be “somewhere above the ground” above the village. He makes a group, Team Gurren, and tries to go out by breaking the ceiling.

One day, with an earthquake, the village’s ceiling is broken and a huge robot is fallen off.

Kamina recklessly tries to face against the violent robot. In front of him, a girl Yoko Littner suddenly appears with a rifle chasing the robot.

However, her rifle only able to stop the robot’s movement.
At the same time, Simon shows Yoko the mysterious shining small drill and something huge looking like a face taken from the ground.

The drill and the huge face is what Simon happens to find when he is digging.

When Simon inserts the drill into the huge face, the face transforms to a robot or Gunmen.

After that, Simon and others are successfully able to destroy the attacking enemies and go out to the above-ground with the Gunmen.

A tremendous above-ground scenery in front of them.
They are not able to hide their excitement and decide to live there throwing away the life under the ground.

However, the above-ground is a full of battlefields where monsters keep invading human beings.
Actually, human beings are forced to stay under the ground by controllers of the robots called Gunmen and the human beasts.

Can Simon and others live above the ground? The hard battles between human beings and human beasts start here now!

The story moves very quickly and it is very fun!

As the story goes on, the place is expanded from underground, above-ground, the moon, and even to space. Also, the appearing robots are getting bigger and bigger.

In spite of the dynamism, the characters’ daily lives as well as conflicts are carefully drawn, so you will definitely get into the characters as if it was real!

Last yet not the least, Kamina is so passionate! Simon taken by Kamina and growing up rapidly is also so passionate! Those passionate men’s words are of course passionate!

If you love passionate anime or robot anime, I will strongly recommend you to watch this. You guys, better check this out!

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