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Needless to say, it’s a very famous action adventure manga of which Japan can boast to the world. The manga was published serially in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1984 for about 10 and a half years, and then it was made into animated TV series and movies… I thought it was Japan’s great heritage, but wow! It was made into another animated TV series in 2015 and 2016! The new series was not made from a manga, but instead created one. It showed us that Dragon Ball is still so popular!

It is immensely popular in the world, not only with its anime and movies but also a live-action version was made in Hollywood. As you see the name of the main character Son Goku (it’s the Japanese reading of Sun Wukong,) it was initially inspired by the classical Chinese novel Journey to the West. However, it’s only for the name of the main character and items at the beginning of the story. It had been published for years and was so popular, and there are a lot of trivia. Personally, the most surprising trivia is that Kuririn and Mr. Satan are the same age. I cannot believe it… By the way, I heard that Mr. Satan is slightly weaker than gorillasヽ(・∀・)ノ So weak…! No, from a commonsense point of view, he is really tough… Mr. Satan is soooo tough…Goku and his friends are extremely tough! (In addition, the comic writer says “If I have a chance to write one more Dragon Ball, I want to write a comedy manga whose main character is Mr. Satan.” The character that is loved by readers and also the writer… I become attached to him!)

People tend to be impressed by its battle scenes, but basically, the plot is that many characters enthusiastically pursue 7 hidden treasures Dragon Balls scattered in the world that grant one wish if you get all of them. Just like boy’s manga, every episode shows you adventure, effort, battle and friendship. This tried-and-true style of the story influenced new and upcoming manga, and even the current popular manga ONE PIECE is following this style.

My favorite character is Android #8 who is called Eighter (Hat-chan). His name is Android, but he used to be a human being. He hates battles and he is warmhearted, so he relaxed with Goku easily. However, he was a defective android for the army who made him, and he almost blasted. I was watching that scene on a real-time basis, and I cannot forget it… He is a sweet android.

Don’t consider this series as an old manga! It’s unbelievable that it was made into an animated TV series in 2016 again, moreover, they made brand-new episodes! Sadly, they are not published in a magazine, but you can watch the TV series every week! Hey! You should check it up and find your favorite characters!

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