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Pokemon is the most famous “nurturing and battling RPG game”.

Now in 2016, this title has been popular enough to sell 279 million in the entire world as the sum total of this series. Not only games, but also anime and movies are broadcasted in the whole world, as this is the worldwide popular Japanese title..

The main character leaves his home town and solves accidents happening here and there with monsters! .

Pokemon as partners has over 800 kinds, and a new game “Pokemon Sun and Moon” will be sold in November 2016!.

Among the Pokemon, popular one is Pikachu and Eevee!.

Pikachu plays outstandingly in anime and movies, and is very popular throughout the world, but goods of Eevee and its evolved Pokemon (Sylveon, Glaceon, Flareon...etc.) are also popular! .

Not only they look so cute, but also their performance is high, so more and more goods are out for sale!.

I personally love Espeon and Umbreon…! The fluffy Flareon is also my favorite, but Espeon and Umbreon are my Pokemon who I took to pass games so I have a special memory with them…!.

Also, among human beings, twin trainers called “Subway Master”, Ingo and Emmet, and a childhood friend Cheren and a rival character N (Pokemon) in Pokemon Black and White are popular! .

Especially, N (Pokemon) in Pokemon Black and White is the key person of the story, and a character with unique thinking and a strong will to achieve it. .

As I have also played the game, I got to like him more and more, with his mysterious atmosphere and knowing his past which has been revealed at the final phase! .

He will be on the next “Pokemon Black2 and White2”, and moreover since he showed himself on anime, he became as popular as Ingo and Emmet!! .

Every time when new series are out for sale, these attractive characters are introduced again and again! Ah… I can’t wait until Pokemon Sun and Moon… .

I am already an adult, but every time when new series are out, I cannot forget the excitement when I start to travel a new world with my new partners..

If you haven’t played it, why don’t you travel together to the Pokemon world!.

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