Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (マギ)

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A mysterious boy Aladdin goes on a trip with a blue fairy living inside a pipe, Ugo. Their aim is to look for “gold vessel of Jin”. Alibaba Saluja encounters Aladdin, and he wants to capture “labyrinth dungeon”, which holds a secret treasure inside. With mainly these 2 personalities, this is a magical adventure with friendship, growth, battle and adventure!

The point of this story is cool, cute and attractive personalities, and suggestive story which at first you may think simply a funny adventure story.

The world of Magi is invented and takes mainly Arabian night, old Chinese Empire or Roman Empire as model. In this world, magic exists, and source of life called Rukh gives lives or power to people. Aladdin is a magician who can speak directly with Rukh, and Alibaba gains power from Rukh using gold vessel.

There are many wills in this story; dungeon, the habitants of Alma Torran who extinguished a long time ago, Al-Thamen, Magnostadt, Reim Empire and Kou Empire who want the world to “go down”, and Sindria Kingdom ruled by Sinbad, the king of seven oceans. Aladdin didn’t know about the world at first, but talking with people or encountering people, he comes to know the hidden secret of the world and his destiny, and suffer from the values of good and evil.

Every people Aladdin encounters is unique! My favorite is Morgiana, a strong and cute girl who goes on a trip with Aladdin and Alibaba. She is from Fanalis, hunting people, and in appearance she is cute, but she has the characteristic of Fanalis, strong legs and good nose. When she is angry and make steps, sometimes the ground crumbles! (;)

She used to be a slave, and she is thankful for and respects Alibaba who released her. She longs to be useful for her friends, and she always makes efforts! She is basically cool and doesn’t show off her smile so often, but when people treat her bad or something made her feel bad, she becomes angry, or when there is something good for her, she smiles in front of nobody and awkwardly becomes happy, and she is so cute like this.

Many personalities both boys and girls are in this story, so please find your favorite one!

As the story goes on, the more interesting it becomes. The past of the world is already described, but there are still many mysteries!

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