Kantai Collection - Kan Colle - (艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-)

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Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- is a web browser game that was launched on April 23, 2013.

It was released as a web browser game that can only be played only PC during the golden age of mobile games, such as Puzzle & Dragons and GRANBLUE FANTASY. The mobile app, which you can link to your data of the PC ver., was finally released in 3 years. It has been so popular among users through many years!

Personifying warships as cute girls. This extraordinary setting looks no demand anywhere. The developers thought this game would have 50,000 users at most, but surprisingly, it became a great success. After it was released, the number of users increased and a new registration was temporarily stopped, and it has 3,500,000 users now!

I started to play it to follow the trend, and I’m totally addicted to it!
Each worship (a.k.a. Kan Musu) has a unique character, I feel a lump in my throat while seeing the girls nobly fulfilling their duty while relying on their admiral (player)!!!
There are many girls of many generation, such as little girls like Inazuma and Shimakaze, and mature women like Kaga and Nagato!

Since the girls’ clothes are torn when they are attacked, probably many admirals have destroyed their favorite Kan Musu to see such a scene…! Don’t do it! Don’t make my favorite girl Shimakaze get bombed on purpose to see her with tattered clothes!!! Please! Please tear her clothes in a practice games! Pleeeaase!

By the way, I’m into the torpedo cruiser team, Ooi and Kitakami(゜∇ ゜) I can’t stop imagining their lesbian play. Oh, but I also like Kongou and a timid girl Haguro. An aggressive girl Nachi is cute and Akagi who eat a lot is attractive, but my first fellow warship Ikazuchi is also good. As you see, I cannot live without Kan Colle. I’m so busy with raising the girls’ level for upcoming events and collecting items! Yes! I tear their clothes in practice games! When they are unexpectedly sank, I cannot get over it for a month!

Following this popularity, a new self-published manga of Kan Colle is being published one after another!
Don’t miss the merchandises of your favorite Kan Musu!

Victory on the Dawn's Horizon!

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