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At the moment they meet, the hero kills the heroine. This is the sensational beginning of "Tsukihime".

Famous for "Fate/Stay Night" and "Kara no Kyoukai", Nasu Kinoko and Takeuchi Takashi's combi posts the romance fiction.

This title was originally sold as a coterie game and it had been becoming popular for its detailed settings, the charming characters, and the overwhelmingly spectacular scenario. Since then, the fan disc, the derived games (fighting game "MELTY BLOOD"), the animated works(Shingetsutan Tsukihime), the works adapted into the comic strips, etc., a large number of the related products have been developed and acquired the broad base of fans. The success of "Tsukihime" made those two people decide to establish the game company "TYPE-MOON". The remake of "Tsukihime" is scheduled as a 10th-anniversary project. Since the coterie version has a very high premiere price, this is a good news for the fans who could not play the game but want to play the game! On this occasion, I will wait even for years!! It's usual for me to wait!!

As the vampires and the sorcerer emerge in this story, the story has a fantastic aspect but it also treats the grotesque subject such as the bizarre murder.

The main character Toono Shiki was seriously injured in his infancy, was refused, practically was disinherited by his father, and spent his days in the home of relatives. The story begins with his returning to the mansion of Toono by the death of his father. He unintentionally became to have the special eyes "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception" by his experience of childhood. With this eyes, he can find the weak point to destroy the "things" as the black lines.

He accidentally met the vampire Arcueid Brunestud. At that moment, he (impulsively!) cruelly murdered her in pieces ... But, a truly original vampire as she was, she came to life again and appeared in front of Shiki, and said.

“You will pay in return for killed me.”

There are a lot of the cute heroines other than Arcueid around Shiki. So, I think many of you want to see their day-to-day life which is expressed by their laughing sound "kyakkya..." or "ufufu..." ... For such people, I recommend the festival OVA "Carnival Phantasm". (It is also recommended the fan disc "Kagetsu Tohya". But you can hardly get it.) It was very refreshing to see their cheerful aspect when they cast away their solemnity.

My recommendation heroine is "Cat Arcueid Chaos" whose CV is Nakata Jouji ... No no, my recommendation is Tōno Akiha the sister of Shiki.

Though her brother whom she had waited for, came back, he had been loved by the optimistic vampire. Kohaku, one of the twin maid thinks some plot with a smile. Her chest is almost like a chopping board ... She, the mademoiselle always has something to worry about.

She is stubborn so that she unconsciously take the tough attitude to the others including Shiki. As a kick back of her tough attitude, the power of charm is outstanding when she cast away her tough attitude. Ah, mademoiselle Akiha and Shiki have no blood relationship. Therefore, there is no problem with their love affair! I think that this work will become popular once again when the remake version will be released. So, I recommend you to prepare using the comics or something to enjoy together when the day will come.

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