Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma (食戟のソーマ)

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Shokugeki no Soma is an animation of the dish confrontation,which is story of the school!:->

The main characters Yukihira Soma is an heir son of the diners of the downtown area.That diners name is " Yukihira " .
Soma helping fathers diner. Because he become a full-fledged cook someday.

He intended to inherit a diner of father after graduation at a junior high school. But his father closes a diner for a while suddenly and leave for the foreign countries:-<> And, by suggestion of his father, Soma will take the entrance examination,which is the super noble cooking school " Tootsuki Culinary Academy " for admission for transfer students.
The Tootsuki Culinary Academy has a lot of students to be a first-class cook and blocks it as a rival in front of Soma:-< Really he defeat them and become an excellent cook......?

:-)My impression that watched Shokugeki no Soma to Episode 3, ……, Anyway, reaction when a character ate a dish is great! Though they only tried it, clothes totally split open like battle comics and fly and there is the sexy expression such as the scene of the girl of the loveco(love comedy)and, "Is it that?" Is it the reaction that ate a this dish? The expression that several degrees wants to confirm is natural!

I have the image that the clothes of Nakiri Erina and the other woman character of the heroine split open (because of too much a taste).
Maybe, you thinking that is not a reality!

In fact, the cooking come up in these comics makes that "it is reproduction possibility" a concept with the cooking specialist that are real. The recipe of the cooking in the comics , and "it's able to make"!
Therefore not only comics but also the cooking book is published.
It popular comic, also it is interesting but delicious and it is sexy but reality comic!

The character is of course attractive too!
Nakiri Erina-Sama whom I introduced some time ago is a particularly favorite person...!:^D I I I ....It is not an indecent meaning!
She have a pride and confidence to cooking,and she has an absolute charisma. I think that she is the most attractive! Please look for it from this Doujin Republic!

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