Soul Eater (ソウルイーター)

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“Soul Eater” is a battle dark fantasy, whose theme is “the Death”!

In this manga, “armors”, those who can transform into armor makes a buddy with “meisters”, those who hunt souls of evil in the world, and they solve various problems!

The hero is a meister, Maka Albarn and Demon scythe, Soul Eater Evans is a student of Death Weapon Meister Academy (abbreviated DWMA), and wants to become “death size”, an ultimate weapon, by eating 99 evil’s soul and one witch’s soul that she hunts.

While hunting evil’s soul, she recognizes that Kishin (demon god) is rustling in the dark, and she comes to know that its “insanity” creates many evils.

Not to allow evils to increase, they will fight Kishin!

This manga is attractive for its personalities and battles! Every personality in this manga has a character, and you can see how it works in battles!

For example, Mika is girlish, but when it comes to battle, she becomes boyish (cool!)! Her partner Soul can transform into a scythe and also play the piano with his soul and transmit Maka’s ability to other members who can listen to it. There are other personalities with various abilities like this!

My favorite personalities are Death the Kid, the son of the Death, and his partner who can transform into revolvers, Lis and Patty Thompson sisters! Their battle scenes are showy, and it was cool to see in animation! (Well, I like Excalibur’s character, but when it comes to battle, it’s too much.)

The story by the writer is full of originality, and the battle scenes are interesting and satisfactory. Especially Kishin is a source of insanity, so the writer uses black a lot to impress. It makes us horrified. We cannot see in the animation, but in manga, every personality goes on a training to be even stronger! I like the episode of Black Star and Nakatsukasa Tsubaki among these training episodes. I won’t reveal what will happen… But I love Black Star who became stronger after the training!

The original manga is ended, and now there is a story called Soul Eater Not!, a story of girls in Death Weapon Meister Academy, from a different point of view. It happens at almost the same time as the original story, so you can see some personalities you already know.

Soul Eater’s world is still expanding! Please start reading from the original manga!

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