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Matoi Ryuko is a high school student who moved to Honnnouji Academy, looking for an enemy killing her father, known as “a lady of sword shears”.

In her new school Honnouji Academy, there are “Goku Uniforms” which enables the wearing student to have a special ability. The student council president, Kiryūin Satsuki governs the school with the special power as well as her absolute scariness.

Ryuko gets to know that Satsuki, who has such an absolute authority, knows something about the sword shears, and point a pair of huge scissors at Satsuki, saying “there is something I want to ask you”.

The sword shear is what Ryuko is looking for because the enemy who killed her father has the other shear.

Ryuko is attacking Satsuki, who governs the school as the school president.

However, Ryuko is stopped and attacked by Fukuroda, who is Satsuki’s bodyguard, a member of the student council, as well as a leader of the boxing club…

Who is the “lady of sword shears”? Can she take his revenge?

Ryuko pursues the mystery of her father’s death and battles with 4 members called “4 biggest kings of the student council” and the student council president Satsuki, in the anime “KILL la KILL”.

If I need to describe KILL la KILL in a word, I would say “incredibly passionate anime”!

The anime consists of passionate battles and joking factors from the first until the end and the story progresses very quickly. We don’t feel get bored with watching at the “battles” in such a vast and appealing scale!

The lyrics that characters say in the battling scenes are also one of the passionate and must-check points.

In the passionate battles, unexpected human relationships are complexed and you will definitely get excited so much.

The mystery of her father’s death, as well as a lot of foreshadowing in human relationship, is found in this anime, which is a feature of this work.
I really got surprised with a voice at how the story is unfolded unpredictably to anyone.

If you just guess this is a normal passionate battling anime, you are totally wrong!!
This anime sometimes has a joking element in a serious part, sometimes a bit sexual element (their battling costumes are too sexy!!!), and the unpredictable ending, which is the attractiveness of this anime for me.

Why don’t you get passionate together by watching the anime KILL la KILL?
Something you can’t imagine is waiting for you☆

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