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Persona4 is a game soft sold by ATLUS in 2008.

The popularity led it to adaptation to the other media, and the anime was broadcasted for 2 cours*. (`・ω・´)=3
The current version keeps the Persona3’s popular stylish look while it tries to be more widely open to everyone with little more exaggerated pop style atmosphere and the renewed realistic design. The anime also represents this style perfectly. (* `・ω・´)
In other words, the existing fans, as well as people starting Persona Series, can easily enjoy this! Good job! (*“Cour” is derived from a French word originally, used as “3-month term in broadcasting”.)

The attractive point of “Persona4” is still the depth of stories I believe. The main scene has a mystery of chasing the serial murder, and a battle in the different world. In daily scenes, the story continues based on a high school life gradually created.
I was able to experience excitement, surprise, and impression consequently at mystery and dramas described in the main part as well as communication within characters in daily parts. (´v`)=3
I was also able to be into the work and feel so good at the world of the work, because of the story itself, as well as daily parts, which have events connecting to next in a chain connection!!

This work has many attractive characters, but one of my most favorite and recommended character is Narukami Yu (the main character in the game version). Although this Narukami is basically calmed and cool, he can be sometimes naturally stupid and a straight man to entertain users with unexpected words at a surprising time. (´v`)=3
In the meantime, he is compassionate as well as shows his leadership, while he is really the type of the main character, who sometimes betrays us in a good meaning. I felt he is the very attractive character, which enables me to see him by indulging in his honesty and coolness. (* `・ω・´)=3

“Leave it alone…”

This is the “Persona4”, and not only the 2 cours anime but also the game has a big volume, including a factor of Speedrun. (Even “Persona 4 Golden”, which is a Speedrun-focused game, has been animated too!)
However, we can keep excited and moved, so this is the perfect work if you want to settle down and enjoy one. Actually, you may get tired if you are into this. (;^_^)
At the same time, I felt this is the recommended work for someone who want to enjoy little by little too!! For your information, the story is not directly related to each other, but some Persona3-related items appear everywhere in this Persona4 because they are in the same world. (´v`)=3
Of course, you don’t have any troubles without knowing them, but you will feel good if you know them.So, you may want to start Persona3 first?

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