Sakura Wars (Sakura Taisen) (サクラ大戦)

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/ Maria Tachibana / Iris Chateaubriand /

“The Imperial Assault Force (Teikoku Kagekidan)・Hanagumi” is a secret army composed of young ladies with magical power to protect the imperial city from dark magic.

The heroin, Shinguji Sakura has a magical power and she came to Tokyo from Sendai to join the Imperial Assault Force (Teikoku Kagekidan)

Surprised by the different atmosphere of Tokyo from Sendai, she walked along reading a letter… and she arrived to “Great Imperial Theatre”, a famous theater in Imperial City of Tokyo, where girls participate.

This theatre surely is the head office of the Imperial Assault Force (Teikoku Kagekidan), and the girls who stand on the stage are the Imperial Assault Force’s (Teikoku Kagekidan) members, using their magical power to fight against dark magic who disturbs the peace of imperial city.

Sakura ignored about it and when she arrived there, the “Romeo and Julliet” was on stage. Curious, Sakura walks around the theater, disturbs the stage and finally appears on the stage.

Maria Tachibana and Sumire Kanzaki, members of the theater smoothed things over, but they were very angry about the new member to have almost spoiled the theater.

Disappointed to be disliked by the members at the first day of enrollment, Sakura gets lost in the warehouse of “Koubu” (A huge robot and a pilot gets in and manipulate) that the Imperial Assault Force (Teikoku Kagekidan) use.

“Koubu” is a robot army that is controlled by magical power. Sakura emitted her magical power being surprised, and it made “Koubu” move recklessly.

And “Koubus” destroy themselves and they cannot work anymore.

Sumire finally got angry of Sakura, who did not only almost spoil the theater but also destroyed the armies, and slapped her saying “get out of here”.

What will happen to Sakura, who is unlucky from the enrollment…?

Sakura Taisen is an animation which describes the battle between the Imperial Assault Force (Teikoku Kagekidan) and the dark magic which disturbs imperial city.

In the game, the hero was a boy and it is not the same as the animation, so I was excited what will happen. The animation version is also interesting because it describes how Sakura, who was disliked and slapped by the members from the first story constructs good relationship with her members. (*・∀・)/

When a strategy to destruct row houses in place of imperial city was decided, Sakura shows her anger saying “Is the imperial city you want to save is only there (urban area)?! Row houses are not imperial city!?”, and she attacks enemies who destruct row houses shouting “Uooooooooo!”. This is one of my favorite scenes because she is cool.

I was moved to know how much she grew up from the first day, when she was crying in difficulties.

Animation Sakura Taisen is a story of Hanagumi members like Sakura who grow up!

Please check it out ♪

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