Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (機動戦士ガンダムSEED)

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“GUNDAM SEED” is a legendary work of national anime “Gundam” series.

This work starts with an impressive scene that two main characters who used to be best friends confront with each other!!
The main characters Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala are now enemies to each other, and cross swords at battlefields several times……Later the sparks are spread to both parties as a tragedy.゚(゚´Д`゚)゚
The tragic scenes appeared suddenly (before getting myself ready), so I was about to get my voice out. (;^_^)
The separation of Kira and Athrun as a result is such a thrilling scene with high-tech animation!!
I was not able to leave my eyes off from the screen!! You better check how they are choosing their lives as enemies after the separation. (`・ω・´)=3

My personal recommended character is one of the main characters, Athrun. He has been considering Kira although Kira is unreliable. That’s why Athrun gets upset when they happen to meet in the battlefield. (;´・o・`)
On the other hand, Athrun also has some nonnegotiable ideas, so it’s not easy for him to stop battling. Athrun is struggling and trying to get Kira to be in his party many times, but their friendship doesn’t lead to a good result…...
Maybe Athrun is the man who has seen much of his life. (;´・_・`) I was a fan of him since the beginning and have been so nervous. (;^_^)
However, Athrun is the one having enough attractiveness to be chased, in the story with full of wars!!

There are many attractive girls this time… A captain of a big space ship, Murrue Ramius, a worldwide (space-wide?) famous singer giving hints at the important scenes of the story, Lacus Clyne and more favorite characters I have!
As Kira and Athrun are acting hard, the girls are also doing hard to make the world peaceful!
Lacus Clyne is good at singing too, so you will get impressed when you listen to her singing during the story!

By the way, the series of “Gundam” after 1989 reached to the highest audience rating.
I can’t say that this is the proof whether Gundam is interesting, but I am sure that this Gundam SEED will tell you what the Gundam is to everyone including the people who used to be fans of Gundam! (`・ω・´)=3
I think that all of you, either enthusiastic fans or people who haven’t seen the series of “Gundam”, will enjoy this work for sure!!

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