[Hentai] KiMiKiSS (キミキス)

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KiMiKiSS is a dating simulation game for PS2 launched in 2006. In 2007, the TV animation was on air, and there is manga and smartphone application, too.

The hero (player) dreams of kissing a girl and is a 2nd grade in high school. But he noticed he even felt in love not saying about kissing, and the half of high school life was about to pass…

The hero (player) thought it should not be like this, so he decided to be active to make most of his latter half of high school life.

He sets “go around the academy festival with a girl which will take place in about 1 month” as a goal, and makes action.

In the game, there are 6 girls, and you should be closer until the academy festival.

As I write like this, you should think “it is an ordinary love simulation game”, but it is not true!

There are conversations called matching conversations in this game.

Matching conversation is an epoch-making system of conversation that introduced a gamification to guess which topic the girl wants to talk about.

The player has 5 topics, and the girl has 5 ? topics, so the player will guess what the ? topic is, and select among his 5 topics.

If the player select the topic that the girl wanted to talk about, he will be liked or loved more.

This game is interesting because it is not only love, but you have to think about where to go considering what kind of person the girl is, and choose what to talk about, by using your head.

For example, a girl to conquer in this game, Hoshino Yuumi takes charge of the library. So if you choose “library” to go in school, you may probably see her best. You should often think what kind of person she is.

Also, the girls on scene are all attractive. I especially like Futami Eriko-chan.

She is a genius of 190 IQ, but she is not good at music, orientation, taste, sport, art, and so on! Basically she is cool, but after being close, she wants you to hug her or take hands crossing fingers, and she is active.

After knowing her gap, I was attracted by her…! Tsundere is justice!

KiMiKiSS is an exciting and healing game! Please play it!

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