Black Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター)

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A TV anime, Black Rock Shooter is a story which was made based on a song called “Black Rock Shooter” of VOCALOID.

The main character Kuroi Mato, who just starts going to a junior high school, gets interested in Takanashi Yomi in the same class with the rare last name.
The innocent Mato and the adult-like Yomi. Those opposite 2 of them have actually the same picture book, which makes them get closer.

However, after they become the second year in the junior high school, they are in different classes, and they start getting away from each other…

In the anime, the real world of the girls and the other world where Black Rock Shooter, a girl with eyes having blue flames inside, is fighting hard, are described.

Actually, the other world is the mental world of the characters.

Any girls in puberty would feel getting lost or struggling.
If you just keep some mental problems or pains born from the feeling, another you will be born as an incarnate receiving the mental issues on behalf of you in the real world, and start to fight with the other incarnates.

To tell you more understandably, if you get hurt in the real world and the pain will be taken by another you in the other world on behalf of you, as a physical damage. If you die in the other world, the scar will be clearly gone. (In other words, the incarnate in the other world is the damaged heart itself. What the incarnate of you in the other world die means that all the scars and concerns in the real world are gone clearly. However, the memory related to the mental damages and concerns will be gone if the incarnate dies...)

The anime consists of 8 episodes in total which are very short, but the content is actually very good and deep.

The work’s point is “color”.
I think describing the human relationship of sensitive junior high school student girls in color is the unique feature of this work.

Girls’ feelings are described very carefully, who struggling whether they need to get involved with the others’ mental problems or not because this may get them to be colored by the others by getting involved.

What the characters have is concerns, jealousy, and human-like “black” feeling which everyone may have. That is why I think that anyone can understand this and easily get into this work for sure.

This anime made me think deeply how I should look at my own mental damages and pains.

Also, this anime itself generally consists of heavy and dark contents, but I was not able to stop crying at the last episode.

There is also OVA before the anime version, so please take a look if you are interested in it☆

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