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“Touhou Project” is a generic name of the shooting games, the graphics and the music on the various media sold by the coterie circle "Team Shanghai Alice (formerly ZUN Soft)".

Though many people recognize it as a shooting game,

actually, it expands its fantastic world view by means of the shooting games, the block collapsing like games, the music CDs and the books on the various media.

“Team Shanghai Alice” has provided the software from the PC-98 era in the “ZUNsoft” name. Its popularity exploded from the time of transition to the Windows version. Now the things have come to this pass that the products of PC-98 era are difficult to get and very high premium is attached!!

The charm points of this work such as the high-level completeness as the shooting game, the originality and the prettiness of the characters, and the world view, are countless. But the best charm point is its music!!

Each BGM of the games has high-level completeness. All of the BGM is finished in pleasant and excellent pieces of music.

When the creator ZUN thought how can he let many people hear his music, he came to an idea to use his music as the game BGM.

It can be said that the music is the main contents and the game is an appendage(!?).

The BGM alone is an excellent piece of music and furthermore, its climax and falloff are arranged to match the unfolding of and timing in the game.
It might be true that ZUN created the game to match the climax and the falloff in the BGM.

Anyway, please try to play the game once. You will be fascinated by the perfect uniting of the BGM and the game progress.

I recommend “Touhou Fuujinroku (Mountain of Faith)”, because the degree of difficulty and the game system is suitable for the beginners.

My most favorite character is ... Um... it is quite difficult to choose one among a lot of the fascinating characters. It is “Patchouli Knowledge”, I think.
She loves to read books. She is a veritable book lover. In order to avoid books from the damage of sunlight, she shut herself up in the library.
She had better go out without books. There is such an opinion in the world.

She said another reason to do so is avoiding her hair from damage.

Don't you think that the persons who can immerse themselves honestly in their favorite thing are quite charming?

At her first appearance, her staring eyes telling "The guy has come to interfere with my reading books..." looked very pretty.

I am crazy about her intellectual atmosphere that comes from her name "Knowledge" and her behavior to shut herself up in the library.

It is inferred that she might have an unexpected naive character from her behavior of reading books much of usual time.

Such a thinking urge me to protect her.

Her main stage is “Touhou Kouma-gou (The embodiment of Scarlet Devil)”. The degree of difficulty and the system of this game is similar to that of “Touhou Fuujinroku (Mountain of Faith)”. So I also recommend this game to the beginners.

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